Tuesday, September 9, 2014


So- I've been quiet around here and might continue to be for a while.

Bills for the car repair total about 3 months salary...

Insurance only covers 25% of the root canal/crown I need... Meaning I'll be paying a months salary for that.

And my jaw hurts from the problem tooth :(

My brother is going to help us with the initial out of pocket expenses for the car and I feel like crap.

I messed up royally.

Had I had collision insurance... I would have only had to pay $500.

I am trying not to beat myself up, but it's hard. I feel sick all day over it.

So just out trying to deal with this.. 


  1. It is not just you that messed up, sort of everyone messed up. Because should have gone thru everything when you got married. (Have you been driving around with just collision for all these years?!? Because someone should have helped you with that too.) take the time now, to review everything, see if you need to update/correct, and move forward. Four months will pass quickly. You will just have to move on from it. Shake it off. When you knew better, you did better. That is all you can do.

    1. Even if you just start out with $20, need to start an emergency fund. I realize when you are just barely making it, that is hard. I have a friend who says you have to pay yourself first. She says take that $20 out first, out of each paycheck, and then the rest of the month falls next. So that might mean no restaurant at all. I realize you do not spend much on yourselves. But you must have an emergency fund. I also wonder if you can do one paying dog walk per day. A long one. A dog that you walk with your dog, after work, for extra $. Because that would not add extra time to your day. And that would be an excellent way of building a fund.

    2. Definitely! We are putting $$$ away every paycheck ... But 3-4 months salary is a tough loss

    3. I understand, 3-4 months is tough, but it is not irretrievable. (I once messed up and we lost a life insurance policy. Could not get it back. It took me a couple years to emotionally get over that one.) But the most important thing is to STOP and look through everything else and see if you need to adjust other things or can decrease bills. Because you both, not just you, missed this one. This might be a wake up call to something even bigger that is sitting out there, unknown. Things like the rest of your insurance, having life insurance, having both your names on things, having beneficiaries set up properly, wills, living wills, bank accounts, credit cards, etc.

  2. very sorry, sweetie. Vickie has excellent points.

  3. Honestly even though I am 31 my parents have helped me choose my car insurance policy, homeowners insurance policy, and when I can't pay for something they do loan me the money. I really admire you for figuring all the big important life stuff out on your own and being self-sufficient. 10 years from now, this will be no big deal. The important thing is that you are okay! Hope the tooth improves soon.

  4. Oh no :( That's a lot of stressful stuff coming at you all at once. I know you'll get through this.

  5. Deep breaths! You'll get through all this financial stuff. It's nice that you have someone to help with the upfront costs. Most dental places will finance so that will help too. The fact that you're in pain isn't going to help the mental aspect. Hang in there! It'll be okay.