Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Complete and Utter Bananas

Well, things are BANANAS as usual around here!

Still don't have my car back.

Money pouring out faster than it comes in.

Can't seem to make any progress on my dissertation.

Teeth issues.

House soon to be painted (upstairs).

General sense of being overwhelmed!

(And I'm thinking of adding a baby to this mix?! WTF?!)

I actually have a chance to go camping with some friends this weekend. However, Chris and Koda would not be able to go. But Chris is urging me to go, anyway. To just get away for a few days, and not think about any of these things that I can't help right this moment.

I think he's right and I'm going to go.

Maybe next week, I'll have my car, my professor will have gotten back to me, my TWO dental appointments will be near, and I will feel a little more relaxed.

I'm doing EVERYTHING I can to stay healthy. 

Eating well (whole and clean and 99% paleo)

No alcohol

Exercising (and just getting outside and active about an hour a day with the dog)

Carving out an hour of the evening where I am not running around like a chicken with my head cut off!!

And it's working - I am stressed, but I feel okay, in the end. I feel healthy. My weight is stable (122.5 all week). I'm sleeping.

It's ok :)

See? Smiling at work, even :)

Just have to keep plugging along, keep working on what matters to me, and making time to enjoy life!



  1. Getting outside every day is really smart. The sunshine, the fresh air, the activity. Really smart of you.