Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pumpkin Smoothies to Bonfires

Guess it is fall around these parts!

I'm feeling ever so slightly better (but also kind of braced for the next shoe to drop... I never feel like life ever evens out, but is a series of short highs and intense lows... TRYING to have a rosier outlook!)

Some nice things from the last day or two:

Paleo Pumpkin Smoothie! - put 2 bananas, can of pumpkin, several cups of flax milk and cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice in the blender ... Come out with several servings if a delicious pumpkin smoothie!!!

No high fat/high cal/chemical pumpkin coffee "drinks" for me this year!

What else?

Ah yes, my favorite! Breakfast for dinner!

Chris made a lovely tomato spinach omelette for me :)

Finished off last night with a bonfire with friends - got to wear a hoodie and fuzzy boots and feel super cozy.

Chris is off hiking today (something that would be as scary/challenging as our last .. He thought it would not be a good hike for either me or Koda, so the dog and I are going to walk to our city's big park and play :)

That's all- some light and fun after my doom and gloom!


  1. Glad you are feeling a bit better about things, life is too short to sweat this stuff. The bonfire sounds and looks like a great time. Enjoy your walk with Koda.

  2. Fall has really fallen like a ton of bricks. No more sandal-wearing weather here :(
    Glad you are starting to feel a bit better about things. Taking pleasure in the small things and living in the moment might help.
    I did try a pumpkin spice latte this morning for the first time since everybody is talking about it ... and just no, never again. I'll give your smoothie recipe a try tomorrow :)

  3. I'll have to give your smoothie a try. Love fall!