Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let's Talk Inflammation

I, early on, came to my own conclusions about food causing inflammation which, in turn, caused most of my health issues and have read a lot in the past couple years that this is a common belief in Eastern/ alternative AND Western/traditional medicine.

Inflammation caused by poor diet causes the body to attack itself, go haywire, and stop working efficiently. 

Rashes, acne, joint pain, stiffness, lack of energy, exhaustion, gastrointestinal pain, and more ... All CURED by reducing inflammation in my body.

What do I avoid to reduce inflammation (remember, food can cure or CAUSE disease... It's important to choose well)?


Meat from animals that are fed meat

Meat from animals pumped full of hormones and antibiotics

"Fat free" products (eat that full fat yogurt!! They make fat free taste good by adding sugar!(

"Sugar free" products

Processed food (made with chemicals and preservatives)


All soda (ESPECIALLY diet soda)

Grains in general (personal choice to help me avoid processed foods AND to include more veggies/healthy fats in place of the calories I would have consumed of grains)

Added sodium (almost none of my food comes with salt OR sugar added because I don't buy processed food-- which means I get to choose how much salt/sugar I eat by adding it myself)

What do I choose?

Whole foods without labels 

Nuts and seeds 

Wild caught fish

Grass fed beef

Tons of leafy greens 

Fiber in its natural form (veg and fruit)

Full fat foods - avocados, coconut oil, olive oil

You know the drill :)

The more natural your food looks before you eat it, the less likely you are to inflame your body!

Also - just a side note for the day: drinking my pumpkin smoothie again today. Such a great cure to those pumpkin spice cravings without getting a sugary coffee drink WITHOUT actual pumpkin in it!

My smoothie (canned 100% pumpkin, flax milk, banana and spices) gets me all the taste and the benefit of eating pumpkin (which is super nutritious!).

Don't fall prey to quick, delicious treats that treat your body WRONG! ;)


  1. Great post!
    I did try your pumpkin smoothie recipe and it was so good. It took me a couple stores to find flax milk, but it has a creamy consistency that almond milk doesn't have.

  2. Eat 'Whole foods without labels'much healthier

    All the best Jan