Friday, September 5, 2014

Car Accident (not major!)



Distracted, thoughtless me hit someone yesterday. Everyone's ok. But it sucked and was stupid.

And REALLY stupid me doesn't have collision insurance (so the other guts car was covered under my insurance, not mine).

I'm struggling not to beat myself up as I wait for the repair estimate.

Ever feel like you just can't get ahead? Catch a break? Yeah.

I hate finances and money stuff-- we JUST set a budget and had some good plans laid out. And BAM my thoughtlessness sets us back months.


So I had a bad night last night.

Working on moving on (which I'll do better after I know the $$$ total!)

Going away tonight for my anniversary so you won't hear too much from me over the weekend!


  1. Welcome to being human...we all make mistakes, and it's okay. Yeah, the consequences suck. Glad you weren't hurt nor the other driver. This too shall pass... but it's okay to feel the suckiness for a moment, but then I hope you'll move on.

    Happy Anniversary!!! Can't believe you've been married a year already! Enjoy that get away!

  2. Yikes. So sorry. Hope you can pull out a happy anniversary weekend despite this...

  3. Sorry to hear about the accident, but at least no-one was hurt.

    Happy Anniversary Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  4. I am wondering if you and your hubby are on same policy (seemed possible you were not or coverage might have come up when you married/combined). You might want to re shop and combine all at the same time while you are planning.

    We ended up going with a lot of coverage but higher deductibles (we have a 20 year old with her own car and her boy who is 22 and often driving one of our cars with her in it, our 24 year old is now on his own/out of state, could no longer be on ours)

    Our car, the other car, extremely well covered, but more important the max for people getting hurt is REALLY high, they will be well covered in our car or the car one of us hits.

    We also have homeowners riders (my engagement ring and my greatgrandmother's diamond which I wear for every day).

    1. I am very glad you mentioned this. I do not have any kids married/combined yet. But adding insurance check to pre wedding conversation list. (Which I just started because you wrote this post).

      Thank you. Glad no one was hurt.

      JUST SO YOU KNOW - if you are ever in a wreck, do NOT sign off on insurance payment for medical part until a lot of time has passed. Neck and back problems often appear much later. Insurance knows this and tries to get you to settle ASAP. Do not do it.

      I would appreciate any other planning posts as you reflect on newly married life or continue to work on things. I had little guidance at your age, mentor knowledge is good, as I said, now keeping a list for my kids.

  5. Don't beat yourself up. Accidents happen. Glad you're OK.