Monday, September 22, 2014

Camp Recovery

So camping was fun! We had a beautiful tent site right by the water, the weather stayed really nice, it's a bit chilly, there were no other campers around - the sites were far away from each other, and I had a great view out my tent door in the morning:

We kayaked all our stuff out to the site about a half mile or so away from where we parked. I have to say, though, I didn't do a ton of physical activity this weekend, I just relaxed my face off.

I did play golf, weirdly enough! My friends kayaked their golf clubs out to the camp area and they set up a nine-hole golf course in the woods and by the water. It was really silly and a lot of fun.

I missed Chris tons, and I missed my pets dearly, but it was really nice to just be somewhere for two days and not think about all the things that have to be done and have to get taken care of and all my plans and on my preparations. I was realllllllly relaxed (some wine helped - no regrets about that!):

I will not be weighed myself for a couple days, there is no point, because my body is all out of whack from eating some really salty food. And grains. Ayiyi! Still, no regrets - I am still at a point where my body rebounds pretty well after a day off plan. Those days have to be less and less and fewer and far between as I get older, though. But this weekend was a forgivable sin that I am already recovering from after getting back to my normal :)

Actually, other than some snacks, the dinner was really Paleo: grilled meat in lettuce wraps with scallions and radishes and other veggies! But I definitely ate more pretzels than I should have - paleo or not!

I am also looking forward to another night of sleep. I slept really soundly Friday night, the sound of the lake and the wind lulling me to sleep. But I stayed up very late with my friends on Saturday night and I'm a little sleep deprived, even after getting a full night last night.

Back to regular programming :)

Chris is away this week, so my food is actually really simple, and already prepped for the entire week of lunches and dinner! Easy peasy no thinking healthy stuff :)

Ok - going to watch Sleepy Hollow and hug my dog <3

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