Monday, July 14, 2014

Work Lunch and Skirt

Chris and I did a lot of prep for our week yesterday, resulting in this lovely lunch:

Our fridge is now stocked with tons of Tupperware, full of:

Roasted beets
Roasted sweet potatoes
Baked chicken
Pulled pork
Brussels sprouts
Peas and carrots
Spinach/banana/raspberry smoothie

Want to have an easy time of packing lunches and grabbing snacks!

I drank wine at a birthday party last night, so no weigh in this morning (bloat!)... Will check tomorrow to make sure I'm right on track!!

Wanted to show you my new work skirt that I LOVE- a floral/navy pencil skirt from H&M:

Namaste <3


  1. VERY cute skirt! Looks like a size 0! LOL

    I can't eat pulled pork without major gain. Lucky you guys that you can!

    1. We make our own pulled pork, I think it's a lot less salty than typical places, and we don't sauce it while it's cooking. My husband put sauce on his afterwards, but I leave the sauce off and just eat the meat.

  2. Great food prep for the week. I need to do that and hope someday I actually get in the routine of doing that weekly. I like the new skirt and agree with Gwen, it looks pretty tiny. Hope week two at the new job goes well.