Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lunch, stairs, weigh-in

Halfway through the day and still doing good!

Lunch outside (almost no one eats on the patio, nice and quiet!):

Lunch is a funny color- purple because of mashed purple cauliflower! Combined with ground turkey, mushies and onions. Also ate a salad of spinach, romaine and carrots.

Definitely takes time to prep lunch the night before, wash my Tupperware, etc. But it's worth it to me right now. I'm eating super nutritious food and NOT spending money in the cafeteria (they have a great salad bar but it is also littered with tons of temptations and is not cheap).

I will continue to buy my weekly food cheaply from local farmers/shops!!

Did I mention that I'm on the 6th floor and have been using the stairs instead of the elevator at the start of the day, for 2 breaks, lunch hour and at the end of the day??

Terrific exercise!!

Also avoiding the slow, busy elevators to make sure I'm not late :)

Making good decisions now to set myself up for success!!

Also- weighed in at 123.6 today :) Perfect!! I went off Paleo a few times this weekend but all the activity mitigated the damage. Feeling strong.

Now to finish this chapter and get back to work <3


  1. Stairs are great idea.

    I think you are correct to be very careful what neuropathways/habits you set for yourself at work. Much easier, in my opinion, to do self help habits than try to UNdo self sabotage habits.

  2. If you've got a Farmers Market near to you it's great using them.

    It's also so worth making the effort to prepare lunch the night before ...well done.

    All the best Jan