Thursday, July 17, 2014

No White Potatoes for Me!

So, the Whole30 program might've changed their rules, and are adding white potatoes to the allowed food lists (as long as it's not in chip or fries form).

But not for me!

White potatoes make me inflamed, bloated, and actually break out in hives way worse than wheat does. Really white and processed flours can make me break out and get bloated pretty bad, too, but not like white potatoes.

So I'm sticking with the old ways.

I know they said that potatoes and nutrient dense and we should eliminate them while allowing things like taro and sweet potatoes. But since I do get my nutrients from those other starchy root vegetables, I don't feel a need to add white potatoes into my regular diet.

Once in a while, potatoes sometimes to get added into my 5% off plan time. But rarely, as I said, I react the worst to them.

But they are still off plan for me.

Got to do what works for us, as individuals :)

No plan is going to hold all the answers. But going Paleo and doing the whole30 gave me the best ground-floor knowledge I needed to learn how to eat well for my body. It cleaned my slate  completely and I got to figure out what worked great for me. I really appreciated getting back to real simple basics (veg, fruits, nuts, seeds, protein in eggs and lean meat). When I added anything back in, I got to see -CLEARLY- how it affected my body.

And then I couldn't bury my head in the sand anymore and pretend that processed foods were good for me (I would immediately feel lethargic and inflamed after eating them).

But if someone eats potatoes and they feel fine, more power to them. In the end, I am just a fan of the real, whole, clean food. Whatever you eat that makes you feel good and healthy and energetic is great!

Namaste :)


  1. I agree! I would not have eaten white potatoes for anything, even if they are on the whole30 now. I get a big reaction after eating even sweet potatoes. Forget it. I know better. Good that people are experimenting, but glad I knew to not even test bringing white potatoes back on after weight loss and the Whole30. I'm with you... :) Karen P

  2. Nor me... I sometimes have a little if out (not often) but for me they aggravate reflux and of course raise blood sugar. I'm glad they are off the banned list for others but I don't need them nor do I miss them.

  3. White potatoes are not part of my menu plan either.

    Tonight I enjoyed some salmon with a green salad, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, peppers ....delicious.

    Have a good weekend.

    All the best Jan

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