Thursday, July 17, 2014

Work clothes, confidence

Same weight (but started my cycle, so being a pound or two heavier is normal!) as before..

But feeling cute at work:

Pencil skirt and heels!! Also, can you notice my smoothie on the counter in my mason jar. No work donuts for me... Just a spinach and berry homemade smoothie (got to practice what I preach).

What a girl I am, though. I never would've thought that I was capable of dressing like this and feeling confident!

Lots of work to get to this point... There was a long time that even when I was at goal weight, I didn't feel good about myself. Losing the weight isn't only work we have to do. It's not even the most important works sometimes.

Sometimes, you can't even lose the weigt till you do the mental work.

Back to the grind :)


  1. Dayum, look at those calf muscles! Hard core! LOL

    You look adorable. :)

    Can I get on your blog roll? (thanks! )

  2. Your calf muscles are off the hook! You're so pretty!

  3. You look great Jeanette and it shows that you are a person who takes care of their body. Way to go!