Monday, July 7, 2014

Food at Work

I knew I would have to face temptations now that I am starting a new job in a business setting - candy dishes, baked goods, vending machines, cafeterias, etc.

To my (not very much) surprise, I walked in and on my desk is all my "welcome" paperwork and a TON OF CANDY.


When no one was around, I put it back into the communal candy dish, hahaha.

The trainer also brought in dozens of different cookies for us. I didn't have even a bite of one, even though everyone excitedly offered me some.

I brought my lunch (salad, cooked turkey and veg, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, and two piece of chocolate covered coconut nibbles from the co-op). I ate it outside in the sun on the patio.

So, win for day one at the new job :)

I could NOT give in to temptation on the first day! It would set a horrible precedence for the rest of my time!

Otherwise, the job seems fine. The atmosphere is nice, for a corporate setting. It isn't TOO strict, though you do have to be professional. Everyone was friendly and approachable. Lots of room for movement within the company (it's a big, growing company that is thriving right now).

So, things are fine. Just got to get USED to losing big chunks of my day, doing a lot of prep, and losing quality time with my family. Eh. Such is life!!!! Will work hard for a better job :)

Wanted to share this photo Chris took of me this weekend:

It was actually a little hard for my disordered brain to look at... I have put on a couple of pounds and am not as SKINNY as I was. However, I made a conscious choice that it was important to weigh a little more and make sure my fertility was in a good spot (because it kind of wasn't when I weighed closer to 120).

And I had to look at the picture a lot and force myself to see that, even a little thicker than I was, I look healthy and fit and happy. I look like me, and that should be good enough!!

Don't need any crazy monsters chewing on my brain and getting me back to disordered thinking as I start this new part of my life.

Okay, I will keep you all updated on how I am avoiding the treats at work :)

Namaste <3


  1. Goodness Jeanette - you are teeny tiny!!! Clearly you don't need to be 120 if you look that great a few pounds heavier. Don't give in to the office candy and cookies! Soon they'll be asking you how you stay so slim :)

  2. Great job on avoiding the work food! It is hard!!

    And you look healthy AND skinny...and I'm not saying that as a person who is larger than you and therefore every person in the 120's is "too damn skinny"....I'm saying that in all honesty. You look fantastically skinny and healthy. Whatever weight you are at right now looks good on you and you look healthy. But it's your body, so you know what feels "right" to you...where you feel at your healthiest, but that picture in no way makes you look thick...ha!

    I hope the new job continues to go well, and that you keep your resolve as more junk food rolls through there ;)

  3. Glad first day went well. You were smart to just quietly put candy back.

    I think you already know/think this - don't get pulled into any weight loss/size/fitness/food conversations AT ALL with any coworkers. Even if they seem like minded, just better not to let the conversations start/get labeled.

    Hope you have a great rest of the week.

  4. Jeanette, you look fantastic! So happy to hear you had a good first day. You have such a smart head on your shoulders and knowing to resist temptation so as not to set precedence was a smart call. Hope the rest of the week goes just as well. Have fun.

  5. Forget 'skinny' Choose 'healthy'

    1. I totally agree. But sometimes my disordered mind and old disordered habits come sneaking back and mess with my self-image. My body and it's just is not where it should be.