Saturday, July 19, 2014

Being Active as a Way of Life (not an annoying chore!)

Chris was home when I got out of work on Friday, so we took the dog down to the river and took a 5+ mile walk:

Then we went to the movies, and saw The Purge 2 (junk food for my mind hahaha).

Saturday, I took Koda on a long walk while Chris started excavating our new walkway. Our old walkway was too close to the plants and being overgrown. It was also too narrow to actually walk on, and had no level base so it was all wavy and hard to walk on.

I then took the dog to visit my grandma. And when I got home, I joined Chris in the yard work:

I also bought a couple new plants (Russian sage and a rose colored barberry(?)), planted and mulched the new area.

It came out decent!

Tonight (Saturday) we are going on on night bike ride on a bike path with friends.

Tomorrow I am waking up early to do the grocery shopping, and then we are meeting some friends and their dogs with our dog at a lake nearby to go swimming!!

Busy, productive, fun, active :)

Again, living the life I preach. (Side note: weight is at 123 even!!)

Activity is not a chore, but a way of life. Exercise is no longer something I have to fit into my day, it just always is in my day by the way I live.


  1. That path looks fantastic!! I agree too about activity being a way of life. I'm back to walking and loving it... now to make it part of my normal day.

  2. Unfortunately, activity is not part of my normal day. Something I am working on but will admit I need to work a lot harder. Have fun swimming. The new path looks super. You guys do great work.

  3. Hey, you've done a great job.

    Fitness, Health, Eating good real fresh foods ... it's a lifestyle to adopt, the rewards are tremendous.

    All the best Jan