Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weight and more working out

Finally weighed in- skipped the last three days (first because I knew I was bloated and yesterday because I was rushing through my morning!): 124.4.

Not the worst. You guys know I'm trying to maintain between 122 and 123. I just have lost a significant percentage of my activity during the day now that the job has started. I used to be active most of the day. Lots of dog walking, Yoga whenever I felt like it, little bursts of strength training throughout the day.

Now I'm sitting at a desk for eight hours. Granted, I have two breaks and a lunch., At which I very purposefully am active by walking around or using the stairs.

But just not the same!!

Going to have to be a little more purposeful.. I need to shake off my tiredness at the end of the day and really get in a purposeful workout (especially strength focused!). I can see myself getting less fit and more soft if I don't put those efforts in.

But still, things are generally well. I like the job, though I do hope I don't have to stay at this entry-level for too long, and the house and the family and my health are all starting to fall into place around the new work schedule.

Got to get dressed!

Namaste <3


  1. I work a desk job too, and I sneak in activity by standing/marching in place at my desk, or taking a lap or two at the office about once an hour, just to move a bit. And on my lunch hour, I change into my active gear & go for a walk at the nearby beach. Purposeful activity, as you said!

  2. Yep, desk job here too. I try and get at least 30 minutes of dance in a night, and weights 2-3 times a week. (if not, at least up-against-a-wall-or-doorway-push-ups. 70-100 of them.) You'll adjust, and if the new normal for you is 124-125, no biggie either! :)

  3. Squats are another really useful thing you can do at work
    In stairwell or bathroom or at your desk if it is private.
    Can get many in smaller sets done during the day