Friday, October 24, 2014

Sharing Pictures

First, general life updates: SO-SO! Hahaha, life is hard. I will never sugarcoat that. We don't make much money, bad things seem to happen at a strangely high rate, and we struggle. Sometimes, a little depression sinks in... but it appears to be situational. So, all we can do is try to improve our lot! I am working nightly on my dissertation, still applying to better jobs, we are eating well and being active and trying, trying, trying.

But that's the norm for me, hm? No biggie, I am learning to accept that this is just how life rolls.

Weight is still at 122 (woo!) - I have been eating really clean and feeling really healthy. Now THAT is one thing I CAN control :)

But I wanted to share some pictures from my hike this weekend (a mix of my friend's pictures who has a REALLY good camera, and some from my dinky point and shoot):

Beautiful woods!

Lightly falling snow made it kind of fairy-tale like :)

The ever majestic Koda!

Me on the top of a rock feature that SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME 2 years ago.... easy as pie now!

Near the summit

Not so majestic Koda ;)


REWARDS! We weren't supposed to have ANY views... we felt blessed!

But that's all, just a little picture dump - to let you know why I hike so much! I love getting deep, deep into the wildest forest in my area... being isolated, seeing these views, hearing the quiet. It's awesome.



  1. Life is always a struggle. At least you and your hubby stick together, keep trying, and make the best of your lives together. Gorgeous pictures! Koda looks like he is having the best time :) I love the mountains! The hubby and I went hiking in Vail, Colorado for a week during July. Loved every minute of it! Wish I lived near them, but I'm stuck in the midwest. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful! About the money...keep doing what you're doing. This is life for most of us and eventually it does get better. I was in your shoes around the same age and now doing better.

  3. Great pictures .....and who says life is easy?

    Just enjoy it, every minute - the ups, the downs and every which way.

    Life is for living, we owe it to ourselves to make the effort to be as fit, active and healthy as we can.

    Have a great weekend

    All the best Jan