Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How I have spent my first three months at work:

So yesterday actually marked the third month of being at my job.

I remember when I first got the job, I was concerned because it is a desk job and I would be sedentary for more hours than I've ever been sedentary before!

So what have I done?

Three months of:

- bringing my lunch (always homemade food, whole foods, and heavy on the veggies)

- drinking three or more water bottles of water per day 

- not spending even one cent on food available in the cafeteria or vending machines

- getting up early to either walk the dog or to do yoga, when Chris is home to walk the dog

- going for three walks a day during breaks in the parking lot (which is pretty) or the covered parking garage when the weather is bad (which is not pretty)... I take two 15 minute walks a day and one 30 minute walk a day.

My parking lot- I love the trees:

And surprise! I have maintained my weight since day one of my job.

It can be done. It takes effort, it is not always easy, but it is so worth it. My health has not suffered in the slightest since I changed my lifestyle to a desk job.

And onward I will go. Things might change a little in the winter, when my walks are not really feasible anymore because of the harsh Northeast winters but I will let you know what I come up with!!

Namaste <3


  1. That's great sounds like you've been making great choices to move during your workday!

  2. Good for you. It's a tough adjustment and you've done really well!
    Tip: I've programmed an alert to remind me to stretch at my desk every 20 minutes. Good prevention from varicose veins in legs and carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrists.

  3. So smart! So many people eat what is placed in front of them. In many work places- it's total junk. Glad you are setting in good habits with food and movement! It will take you far