Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I caved!

I finally bought something at work!

I forgot my pumpkin/flax/banana/spiced smoothie yesterday and was a little hungry - I wasn't DYING or anything (as I still had my salad and meatloaf leftovers) and thought a day with slightly lower calories than usual wouldn't be the worst thing (as I've been trending a little towards the higher end of my range the past few days) but I wanted SOMETHING, so I hit the cafeteria.

But no worries - it was just coffee :) it was actually a treat to go a little caffeine crazy - I have the same exact 3 cups (actual cups, not huge mugs!) a day - staggered through from 8-12. And I am very used to it, so don't get that pleasant caffeine buzz anymore, more like maintenance!

Still, spend $2 on coffee seems lame when 1lb of AMAZING organic coffee beans costs ~$9 at our co-op!!

So a financially dumb choice, even if not a bad food choice.

Also didn't taste as good as home!

I didn't even like GOING into the cafeteria- it was my first time. It smelled strongly like pizza, and had lots of hot, junky food for sale. There was a salad bar, and I went over to look at it, but there was tons of dressings on all of the premade salads. Too many junk toppings.

Ah, well. Staying out of there. Bringing my smoothie this morning!!

I'm glad I went down - I've been curious. Now I know and have NO desire to get my food there. We spend a lot of time, effort and money to get high quality foods into our diet everyday. It would be silly for me to spend money on over priced, processed, low quality food!

In life news - the usual. Financial stress. I finally got my car back, and the bill was insane. We are barely treading water here. It's really hard not to feel stressed and anxious and kind of bad about myself.

Also, right now all my friends are at a point in their life where they are being really successful, making more money than they need, and generally doing really well.

I shouldn't compare myself. But I do, and I feel less then.

Still looking for a better job...

We will see!

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  1. A coffee is not so bad in the grand scheme of things :)

    I was there too. Friends settled in careers while I was just finding my feet. I'm sure out there is the perfect job that matches up with your career goals. In the meantime, you seem to be doing well at your current job and you never know, it might lead to something better. Keep your eyes out for opportunities and keep sending out your resume!