Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Plans

I weighed myself this morning to see where I'm at - 122.8! Exactly where I want to be! I ate a lot of great meals this week and had healthy snacks at work. Evenings included a little too much chocolate, but I've also upped my exercise this week, so weight stayed stable.

My plans for tonight??

We are meeting up with some friends and hitting up the downtown area of our city. We plan to generally walk around and take in the fun ambiance of the Halloween on a Friday night in our little city! We will probably stop into a bar or two and have a drink at each one, but I don't plan to overdo it at all.

And candy is not on the agenda for tonight!

Halloween is a time for costumes and being a little weird and hanging out with my friends, I don't really care if I eat candy on the day.

In fact, I am mulling over the possibility of giving up all chocolate for November. If you pay attention to my blog, you know I eat chocolate pretty regularly and maybe a little too much. I want to challenge myself to give that up, make myself remember that I don't need to have chocolate every day, there are other much more nutritious foods I could be using those calories for!

Off to work - enjoy the holiday if you celebrate it, be careful, and don't make yourself sick on candy!!!



  1. Jeanette, I'm too celebrating without sugar this Halloween.

    I'm cheering you on for a chocolate free Nov 2014. The best maintenance growth that I could ever get was from my elimination months and my key take away lessons. Kudos for your n=1 experiments.

    Also spending today "fun sized" free. Because obesity was never really fun. Safe travels.

  2. I was eating 90% chocolate daily too. And stopped because my once a day kept inching up and because it became kind of a thing. I don't consider chocolate to be food. And I try to eat only food. So the chocolate was a negative on several levels (I think this same thing about bacon and do not eat it either). Anything that is "too good" is something that I now try to avoid. It just causes peaks and valleys and I like level. I do much better with level.

  3. I'm on my 2nd year of no candy/sugar for Halloween! I've been about 6 weeks without candy or chocolate; finally over the hump, I think. It's so WONDERFUL to have NO REGRETS in the morning after indulging. I wish that for you! (you are already great. this would make you even greater!)

  4. Hope you enjoyed your Halloween !

    All the best Jan