Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Donuts and Parking Garage Workouts

My office had a treat for the workers yesterday: Apple cider donuts!

Oh man, how I would have loved to have one, that crunchy sugary outside and the sweet moist inside... Perfect binge food for old Jeanette.

But they also had farm fresh apples right next to the box of donuts. So I grabbed myself an apple :) It's a slippery slope. Treats in the office can spiral out of control, candy and baked goods all the time. I definitely didn't need to do 300 extra calories yesterday, and it is not like I don't treat myself, I have chocolate a lot in the evenings and indulge a little on the weekends. I can't get into the habit of indulging myself during the workday during the week, as well!!

Also- I wanted to show you where I work out when it is raining outside but still pretty nice, as far as temperature:

LOVELY, isn't it?!?!

Hahaha, no, but I get a really nice view of the trees and the changing leaves behind our office, so I do step ups on the barriers in the corner there. I will also walk around the parking garage for little bit.

I just so am not ready to be confined to the office building for eight and half hours a day. I'm getting out as much as I can now, before the temperatures take a turn for the worse!

And it is pretty clear from the remarks made to me by my coworkers, that I am now "that girl." 

You know.....  the one who chooses exercise over socialization and deprivation over treats in front of everyone else. So if they don't feel one hundred percent comfortable with what they're doing, it turns into comments and judgments about what I am doing.

But they won't deter me. I know what I'm doing is good for my health. And I have a vibrant life outside of this office so don't necessarily need more friends (though I take them if I could get! But won't stress if my coworkers think I'm a bit strange) and this is a place where I don't want to be for more than a year or two anyway, so I'm not looking to please anyone else with my choices during the day. 

I'm liking the flow of life right now - being really proactive, getting a ton of life, school, work and health business taken care of. Forward motion :)


  1. So, so tired already of the pink doughnut boxes everywhere. Let's see, we are about to enter into 3 months of SAD non stop eating, so let's buy doughnuts and go to our insurance discount blood draw and see if we can eat our doughnuts and get the discount.

    It's a sad culture and SAD habits. ( and I work in healthcare!). Kudos to you Jeanette for choosing real food and walking.

    1. I honestly suspect some of the worst habits (food, drugs, smoking) are in health care professionals).

  2. Way to go standing up for yourself! Seriously, it's hard to say "no" to treats and to not let the co-worker comments get to you or mess with your mind. But you have successfully done it and can continue to do it. You got this! Don't let anyone stand in your way or your personal health goals.

    You have inspired me to start walking on my lunch breaks too. It's so nice to get outside, take in fresh air, and enjoy the pretty fall foliage. Since last Thursday, I have been walking 2 miles over my lunch. Additionally, I have been eating healthy real foods (no grains) and have lost 5 pounds in a week!

    Your posts continue to help me stay focused. Thanks for all your advice! Have a great day :)

    1. Just wanted to say thanks for your comment! Makes me feel good about writing my silly little blog :)

  3. I agree about the donut boxes. If I indulged every time they showed up, I'd be back up over 160 in no time, with the bp and blood glucose to go with it. No thanks.

    p.s. if they are referring to you as 'that girl', they are just jealous shrews. Giggle about that the next time you hear a comment. ;)

  4. Do you have access to stairs in your building, the parking garage or any buildings near you?