Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Party Win

Chris and I went to our friends annual Halloween party - I went as a "basic" girl (you know - leggings, UGGs, oversized sweaters, infinity scarf, pumpkin spice latte ;) ) who got poisoned by her pumpkin spice latte ..

I made deviled egg "eyes" for the party:

I ate really well before the party, but didn't eat dinner at home, knowing I'd have a few snacks at the party. Chris and I promised each other that we would NOT overeat and end the night feeling gross and we totally kept that promise!!

I had a deviled egg, two meatballs, a few veggies dipped in hummus and a homemade whoopie pie (pumpkin and cream cheese filling - wow).

I was full and stopped eating!

That's a total win for me - not overdoing it. I have a big problem with binging at social events, feeling out of control. I'm not at a place in my life where I am ready to go total abstinence. I stay about 90 to 95% Paleo and let a little loose on the other 5 to 10%.. Which works for my life and my health, but not if I binge when I do it!

Felt great :) especially since we stayed at the party till 3 AM and I didn't fall prey to late night drunk snacking (I was drinking though - but I'd fill a huge cup with seltzer and splash some vodka into it .. Kept me hydrated! Also it took a long time to drink all that seltzer so I wasn't going back again and again for more drinks, like if I was drinking wine or beer).

It was nice to party all night with friends and not feel yucky after - that's always been my goal!

Ok - off to start the new workweek <3


  1. I too have a tendency to get bingey due to social-situation anxiety. I had a big outing on Saturday night and was pretty happy with how I handled it. I don't drink often, so I stuck to having just two vodka sodas, which I sipped slowly as they are pretty bitter-tasting.

  2. Clever!!! :) Sounds like it was a fun time!