Monday, October 13, 2014

Dental Work and Local Hike

I spent a good portion of the early afternoon at the dentist, getting a temporary crown put on. Not fun. Still numb!!

I reallllllly hate the sound of the drill - my anxiety goes through the roof and it requires all of my effort to stay still and calm so they can work! I can tell I'm going to be sore for a while, lots of work done around my gum line.

I wasn't up for much after that, so Chris and I drove with Koda to a local arboretum that we'd never been to before. I wanted to get outside and get a little activity even though I didn't feel so well.

It was adorable!

Totally worth the effort. Now I'm chilling in bed with my cat, with zero guilt about being lazy now since I got out there earlier :)

Back to work tomorrow!


  1. Earbuds and music can help. A pair of noise reduction ear phones on top of the earbuds can help to eliminate even more noise. They can also give you enough of something so you do not care if it is really anxiety producing for you (or has a residual anxiety effect over the course of the next few days, sometimes the AFTERS are terrible).

  2. You're so lucky having that beautiful place practically in your backyard. How can you not go out and enjoy it, right?