Saturday, August 23, 2014

Weighing In Less

I've recently stopped daily weighing in favor of every other day or every few days. (So still stepping on the scale 3-4 times a week).

It's done wonders for my MENTAL health.

I definitely still have a little work to do to not let the number on the scale affect my mood. If it's a "bad" number (and right there shows you I still play some sick disordered games in my head where numbers/weight can be inherently good or bad), I feel more self-conscious and upset throughout the day. A "good" number makes me feel a thrill and makes me walk through my day happier.

No good!

So I've taken the daily weighing out of the equation so that small daily fluctuations can't have that affect on my mood.

I still eat the same and exercise the same no matter what the scale says, and I've been maintaining the same weight for a very long time now (ex: today I am 123.2, right where I've been for a long while!), so I realized it doesn't matter if I keep a strict daily accounting of my weight. 

But I believe STAYING REAL is also important. The scale is sticking around. I'm human, after all, and it's easy to put the blinders on and pretend something (like weight gain) isn't happening... Though my work pants aren't very forgiving so I might notice a significant gain even without the scale!

But, as always, this is a journey towards total health. My body is very healthy right now, but I think it's a lifelong journey to get and keep mental and spiritual health. So I will keep experimenting and working on myself and challenging myself.

In other news, Grandma is still in the hospital but will be moved to a rehab place soon - she realllllly wants to go home, but I'm scared she might not (she's 99!! Her heart is 99 and struggling). But it's nice to have this time with her to visit.

Having a quiet weekend in Albany- planned lots of dog walks and some local hikes. We're making pulled pork and having a little party for a friend of ours who is moving away soon. 

Enjoy your day fully, friends <3


  1. You are doing well, enjoy your weekend and all good wishes to your Grandma

    All the best Jan

  2. Hi :) I just came across your blog.
    I'm a daily weigher, but it definitely took me time to realize that my mood and habits should not be controlled by the number on the scale. It wasn't an easier adjustment to make, but did have a positive impact on my mood and attitude once I didn't obsess over the number!
    Sending healing thoughts for your grandmother.

  3. Best wishes to your grandma:-) I threw out my scale when I moved and haven't replaced it. I know if my weight is up or down dep on how my clothes fit. Used to weigh a lot, but became obsessed with it. Hard habit to break for sure. You're doing awesome:-)

  4. Here's to a good last few years with your Grandma. Many of my relatives were long lived. Hard to say goodbye, but finding good care at the end made my heart happy.

    Your weighing frequency should be what works for you. At this time in your life, regular cycles might be more of a goal for fertility and health before pregnancy.

    I'm a daily weigher because if I don't, I open the door to my binge brain. Come on in and sit on my sofa and stay awhile, addict brain. Ugh! At least I can recognize it, collect the data, think clearly and move on.... Here's to doing what you need to do, when you need to do it.

    Customizing your weight maintenance template of behaviors, thoughts and activities is key and the highest honor. Onward!

  5. Healthy best wishes to Grandma. Hope she will be ok. Regarding the scale, if it feels right, stick with it. You'll know when and if you'll ever have to go back to daily weighing.

  6. Hate to say it but I told ya so !!