Friday, August 22, 2014

Antibiotics in our food linked to obesity?

Just more information about the potential of all the hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, and whatever else in our food and how it's potentially affecting our bodies:

It is hard to get hard and fast proof about things like this. Science is not always completely straightforward, and studies of the effects of all of these things that we are eating in the modern era take a long, long time to figure out. And it's really hard to get a controlled study.

But I'm not going to sit around and wait to find out in 10 years that such and such thing I've been eating causes some awful chronic disease.

The best way to avoid it?

Eat food in as natural state as possible.

Cows that eat grass and aren't flooded with hormones and antibiotics. Free range, cage free chickens that don't eat other chickens. Tomatoes that aren't coated in a thick layer of pesticide. Food that hasn't been mummified with preservatives. Food that looks like food. You know what I mean.

So if antibiotics really do cause our bodies to tend towards obesity? And you're eating beef and chicken full of antibiotics? And feeding it to your kids?

It's a battle with all the odds stacked against us.

So, I eat less meat and pay more for meat without antibiotics and hormones. And if a majority of us did that, they might just stop putting that crap in our livestock.

Rant over!!

Have a great weekend everyone <3


  1. We haven't been able to financially commit to only grass fed beef. (we eat almost no chicken anymore.) It's certainly a goal of mine!

  2. "The best way to avoid it?

    Eat food in as natural state as possible."


    All the best Jan

  3. Although financiallyS not the easiest to do in our household, we sure keep taking baby steps. Thanks for the link.,

  4. We are so lucky here in New Zealand... only grass fed beef and lamb. We buy free range chicken and free range eggs. We too tend to eat less meat but of better quality these days as well. Even though all our beef is grass fed, we have found a wonderful farm that supplies our beef so we know it's of fantastic quality.

  5. Ditto here. I'll spend a little extra , less often and get quality meat. I do feel better with the amino acid profile of grass fed beef. Starting to see a lot of NZ lamb , too, so I've been enjoying that. I want my food $ going to support good practices as much as I can.