Thursday, August 14, 2014


Lots going on- Grandma is back in the hospital. I know her time is not far off... And I'm sad because I love her, but she's also 99 and got to see her great grandchildren! A long life. I'm scared for her that she's not happy or comfortable. Am going to go see her tonight.

Otherwise, you won't hear from me this weekend. It's the annual cabin getogether of all our friends- no internet, just music and fires and nice times!

Also, my weight is back where I like it- 123.6 finally. Was trending a pound or toe higher for a couple weeks- not sure why! But I just kept eating how I know I should (ALL the veggies!!) and staying active no matter what my weight was. I know I'll trend up and down and that's normal! (Still getting used to not calorie counting and relying on hunger signals... It's still a bit new/scary to not feel that obsessive control. But it's better, much better.)

Have a beautiful day! <3


  1. Oh Jeanette, I'm so so sorry about your grandma. I hope tonight isn't your last night with her.

    Congrats on being back in your happy weight zone!

  2. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Hope you have a great visit with her and she isn't too uncomfortable. Your weekend sounds like good times. Enjoy yourself.

  3. Sorry to hear about your Grandma thoughts are with you

    'til next time take care and .....

    All the best Jan.

  4. Thoughts & Prayers for your grandmother and you. Yeah, 99 is a long life, and for some at that age they are just tired and "ready to go". Their body starts giving out and their mind and they are just ready for some sweet rest. But it's heart breaking for those who love them for sure. :(

    I hope you *had* a great weekend at the cabin! So glad you and your friends do this sounds like tons of fun!! (We have so many cabins around here, but they are overwhelmed with modern technology...and hot tubs, but I don't mind the hot tubs..haha!!).