Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Once again, my hairdresser wanted to cut off almost all of my hair. I only go about once a year, so my long hair is rather damaged by the time I get to the hairdresser!

I should learn my lesson. If I want long and pretty hair, I have to go in for trim once in a while!

She also said that my very dark hair was too harsh, so she did some color removal for lightening, to try and get me back to my original dark brown color.

So, inexpensive and long process later here are the results:

I like it and can definitely live with it, but will be counting the weeks till I have longer hair again :)



  1. GORGEOUS! You definitely look awesome with the shorter and lighter hair! :)

  2. Really love it.

    I have girls at my house and I get the long hair thing, but I think you look more polished and professional with the styled length.