Thursday, August 28, 2014

Seasons and stuff

(This mistakenly didn't publish yesterday- so here it is today!) 

Well, it's feeling like summer around here. Reaching the high 80s in temperature the last few days. I like it, I'm not quite ready for summer to end.

However, the mornings are chilly, the acorns are falling, the leaves are changing:

And I think it's going to feel like fall sooner rather than later.

If you've been reading me for a while, you know that's just about my favorite season (tied with the beauty of spring's rebirth!): leaves, pumpkin flavors, hoodies, etc!

But I can wait a while for it :)

Not much else to report here. Work is fine, as always. Nearing the two month mark of being at work, and I still haven't bought any food at work. I've brought everything, homemade!! It's really helped me keep a handle on my health and my weight. That, and going for almost an hour walk during the work day!

I weighed in at 124 pounds this morning. That's pretty normal for during the workweek, because I get up at 6 AM and weigh myself well before my body has had a chance to, ahem... expunge anything from the day before.

I noticed that when I weigh myself on the weekends, waking up around eight and then having time for my body to wake up before I weigh in, I weigh closer to 123 and 122.

Normal and accepted :)

Back to work for me <3


  1. That's great that you bring your own food into work..that was always the roughest part about eating for me. I LOVE is by far my favorite season!

  2. We are coming into Spring here - my favourite time! We had a very long, extended autumn this year and the warm weather carried on long into what should have been winter. We don't get the snow like you - our winter is just cooler and darker. Oh.. I am looking forward to summer again though!! You are doing amazingly well with your weight and attitude to weight loss this year. I'm very impressed with your change of attitude and how you have relaxed more. Well done.

  3. You can't beat Spring and Autumn two favourite seasons.

    All the best Jan

  4. great job, sweetie! I love fall too; colors, crispness/coolness in the air, hockey, football... :)