Saturday, August 2, 2014


My husband and I were talking yesterday and we had a funny little observation during our conversation.

It wasn't until we went green free and dairy free that we even noticed that we have a sensitivity to both greens and dairy. When our bodies were inundated with those types of foods 100% of the time, we just thought blemishes and rashes and bloating where just a part of being human.

Then we tried the Whole30.

Now, every time we eat off Paleo, we have pretty immediate reactions to the foods. Bloating and rashes being number one.

And I thought about other foods in the world. How I can not eat a specific fruit or vegetable for months (because we eat pretty seasonally in order to get the best prices, we don't get beets or blueberries at certain times of the year)... And when we reintroduce that fruit or vegetable back into the diet, our body has absolutely no reaction. Because they're good for us, because the body recognizes it as good fuel, and nothing inside of our bodies is fighting that food!

Big clue as to what belongs in my body and what doesn't.


I'm having a quiet weekend at home this weekend. I said my husband off to a festival to see his favorite band of all time (the Disco Biscuits) play at a festival called Gathering of the Vibes.. It's a special performance because the drummers from the Grateful Dead are sitting in with the band. My husband absolutely adores the Grateful Dead, so this is pretty much a dream mash up!!

The ticket was not cheap, and he has to stay overnight because it's far away, and I didn't want to double our expenses by getting me a ticket and having to board the dog because the both of us were gone overnight.

So I told him to go and have fun! It's strange not to go to a concert with my husband, we've been to everything together in the past five years. But I'm okay with it. I got a lot done today, it's beautiful out, and I'm relaxing :)

Have a beautiful weekend <3


  1. Nice!

    It's funny, after I wrote my 'skeptics' blog post, I had an idea for a new post brewing. I've since had two people mention variations of that thought/idea since then, and now you as a third. 'Body reactions and how that can affect our ability/need to eat 'clean'....will be my topic on Monday. Got something else important planned for tomorrow/Sunday.

  2. Great thoughts Jeanette. I still have a lot to figure out about what my body can and cannot tolerate. My goal is to make healthier choices as I go, learning along the way. Very nice of you to send hubby off to the concert. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.