Sunday, August 3, 2014

Co-op Shop

Went to the co-op myself this morning (as Chris is probably still sleeping somewhere in Connecticut haha!)..

Proud of my haul!!

I've been eating a TON of veggies this month, I know my nutrition is spot on. However, I have been buying snacks for work, which I just shouldn't do. My snacks are usually something like plantain chips (calorie heavy!) or chocolate nibs (sugar!).

So, I've been maintaining a heavier weight than I would like. I didn't buy my chocolate snacks (just a couple of chocolate bars for during the week, as dessert, split between me and Chris) and subbed dried snap peas for the plantain chips.

Going to try not to rely on snacks at work, though. I most certainly did not snack when I was at home alone all week! Will pare it down this week and then just try to eliminate next week. 

I bought organic mints to suck on if my snacking desires get too strong- will leave them in my desk.

Ok- off to walk the dog and wait for Chris to get home!



  1. Looks good. I need to work on eating more fresh vegetables. I buy them every week, but often don't eat them. I'm working on it though and that counts. It sounds like you made some great substitutes for snacks this week.

  2. I find the general stress level at work...I snack too, unlike at home. My key? I pack 50 calories of either nuts, or cheese, in a container. That contains my caloric load, and keeps my weight ok in the process. It's a small amount, so a bit of stopping-to-savor goes on, but that's good too. :)

  3. Your food looks fantastic. Smart to fuel well and to get a food template that works at work. My job involves walking some days, desk based other days. Throw in walking at lunch time and my food contents vary from time to time. My latest tactic is bringing bone broth to sip if I walked early and get hungry. The salt and nutrients really compliment my water drinking. Kudos for you bringing real food to work. So few people do that. :)

  4. You can't beat fresh vegetables ......

    All the best Jan

  5. Nice haul:-) I tend to want to eat more when I'm in the office. It breaks up the monotany...I'm glad I don't strictly have an office job:-)

  6. Hi Jeanette -- I found your blog through the Adirondack High Peaks Forum (I am an aspiring 46er and a chronic lurker). I really admire your dedication to healthy eating, so I wanted to warn you about those Snapea Crisps, which I actually LOVE. But they're not really dried snap peas, which is what I thought when I first bought them. They are snap peas ground up and mixed with white rice flour, GMO corn oil, and preservatives, then shaped to look like peas and baked. So highly processed. Once I realized that, I find them much less appetizing and don't really buy them any more. They still taste good though.

    You may know all this and have accepted the tradeoffs, but I wanted to mention it just in case. Cheers, Sara

    1. Yep- definitely aware! But it's my trade off for the week!

  7. Looks good. The more colorful, the better. :-)