Monday, February 2, 2015

Stuffed Red Peppers - half fail, half win!

We made a really nice dinner for ourselves last night, after skiing (and I am proud that we went to the effort, even though we were pretty tired, we didn't just grab something to-go!). We made roasted, stuffed red peppers and it was my first time making stuffed peppers :)

We actually don't often buy peppers, for a couple of reasons - they are decently expensive, especially the organic ones (and they are one of those thin-skinned veggies that are more important to buy organic!), and are not terribly nutrient dense. I'd rather spend my money on a vegetable that has more nutrients and calories than a pepper, and one that is less likely to soak up pesticides (so something like broccoli)! That's the frugal lady in me :) But I kind of had a craving for peppers AND they were on sale. Perfect.

The recipe was pretty simple. I looked up a few how-to's for stuffed peppers and got the basic idea. Cut and clean the pepper, boil it for a couple of minutes in water, cook up the stuffing separately, stuff the pepper and then roast them at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.

Obviously my stuffed peppers were not your typical because I wanted to stay paleo, so no cheese or bread crumbs :) So, compared to the kind my dad used to make, they were pretty dry! I'll have to figure out something to add to the recipe that is still grain/dairy free, but not as dry >.<

My stuffing was ground turkey, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, leftover red peppers, and lots of chili powder and cumin. Very delicious! But, since it was dry, it wasn't easy to eat the pepper and stuffing together - stuff kept falling out.

So delicious, but a technique fail :) It happens!

My weight is down a half pound, which is nice, still not back in my goal range, but I know that will take time. The off-plan January really made a big impression on me... I am back to being dedicated to my health, above all, and being grain-free is a big part of that. I guess I just needed a reminder of how crappy, fatigued, bloated and rashy I get when I don't stay mostly grain-free.

The snow is coming down HARD here by me... but work made us come in, boo. Definitely not a safe drive in (you could not see the lane lines on the highway, yikes). Hope we end up at home tonight, warm and safe!!

Have a good one, friends <3


  1. I have to disagree with you about bell peppers nutritional value. And remember that each color of bell pepper varies on which nutrients it is strongest in. :)

    My mom used to stuff them with rice and hamburger meat. Thanks for the reminder that they can be stuffed without any type of grains in them! :)

    1. They definitely have nutrition, no argument there!! It's just the level of nutrition and price compared to other veggies for me.. For the $3/lb I pay up here for a pepper (more if organic), I could get double their weight in broccoli or cauliflower or sweet potatoes, etc.. All which have more calories (and fill me up faster, since peppers are mostly fiber/water) and nutritive value. IF money were no object, I'd be eating peppers all the time! I love them :D

  2. Here in the south hamburger meat, rice and tomato sauce is the way to go. However recently I have moved past that and make a veggie/meat ragu and let it almost dry out to stuff them. I usually make mashed cawliflower to mix the stuffing that will for sure not stay inside when you eat them. Hmm maybe I'll make some for dinner tonight haha

  3. I'm paleo and keto and I generallydont eat bell pepper because the carb content is a little high, but I used to use them as lunch containers, you know?!