Thursday, February 5, 2015

Paleo Pumpkin Spice Bread

It seems like a switch has flipped in the past couple weeks with my eating. I'm right back to where I was before the holidays/winter gatherings/funeral food insanity that I let take over in December/January. Back to simple foods, simple cooking, paleo/primal focused, and NO grains (especially those white flours!), processed sugars, chemicals, preservatives, or anything of that sort.

And I would have to say, because of my mindset, the cravings just aren't really there. I felt really sick by the end of January, and my mindset definitely got shifted back to "Let food be thy medicine" instead of "you aren't allowed to have that food." I'm allowed to have any food I choose, but I am choosing not to eat foods that damage my health and well being. It's a small attitude difference but is huge for me. It's a lot easier to make good decisions when I look at it, not as deprivation, but as enhancing my life.

Keeping it clean and simple the last two weeks has made me feel worlds better. My systems are starting to get back to normal (and my face has cleared up, yay!).

Tonight, we were feeling hungry after dinner, which was pretty light (porkchops, roasted cauliflower, and peas and carrots). We have nothing in the house other than the basic staples (meat, eggs, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, oil, etc) because I didn't want to be tempted.

But, after two weeks or so strong, I wanted to treat us a little! I've taken to heart the idea that you can't call something a "treat" if you have it all the time- I stopped buying chocolates or anything sweet for the house (and haven't bought anything "on the go" as that's not my style... I'm cheap, so house food is my food!).

I wanted to stay Paleo, though, and work with what we did have in the house (no running out for a store bought snack!).

I had happened to just have all the ingredients for this recipe on hand:

It was super easy to put together (I did not add extra sweetener as suggested, in fact, I even reduced the honey in the recipe just a little... It ended up being a little more savory, which is what I was looking for), took about 40 minutes to bake and came out nice with a slight crust on the outside and very moist inside.

I love all the spices, they gave the bread a terrific flavor. I ate about 1/10th of the loaf and felt really satisfied, and not tempted to reach for more. Chris was really grateful for the warm baked treat!

It doesn't look pretty, but I'll share these photos:

It was fun to bake, too :) I really enjoy baking, but it's obviously not an activity that goes well with my ideal life. I seem to bake a Paleo-fied treat about 5-6 times a year and will occasionally bake a standard cake for a friend's birthday. That's enough to satisfy my baking jones :)

Weight isn't really budging, I'll update tomorrow if anything changes with my weigh in.

Namaste <3


  1. choice is good. Steering clear of grains is good, and your grain free bread looks delish! Enjoy and glad you are making choices that hold the outcome that you want. Bravo

  2. Hmmm, you have made me think, long and hard, when you say:
    "Let food be thy medicine" instead of "you aren't allowed to have that food." I'm allowed to have any food I choose, but I am choosing not to eat foods that damage my health and well being.
    I've been losing my way a little and need to shift my mindset too - and you've just shown me the way I think I'd better shift it.
    Thanks Jeanette. I needed that reminder.