Thursday, February 26, 2015

Are you eating enough vegetables??

I happened across this website:

Pictures of Your Recommended Servings of Vegetables Per Day

Far, far, faaaar too often, I see on blogs or message boards or whatever talk about their eating plans, their daily menus, etc, and a really unfortunately common denominator is that vegetables are NOT prominent in those plans! Veggies are often relegated to a meager side dish at dinner or spinach added to a smoothie. I rarely see veggies be the star (I'm picturing "star" being said like they're about to be a hit on Broadway ;) ).

Today my vegetables included: a coleslaw made of cabbage and carrots at lunch, mushrooms and onions and spinach in a cheese-less omelette with roasted sweet potatoes for dinner, leftover peas as a snack, sugar snap peas as a snack, roasted beets as a THIRD snack (I snack a lot, but on vegetables, so whatever). 

I didn't have my typical big romaine and tomato salad for dinner that is pretty common for me... because I was eating an omelette and just plain old didn't want to eat a salad with my eggs :)

An interesting thing that website above mentioned was this "When it comes to salad, a cup is not a cup. It takes 2 cups of leafy greens to equal 1 cup of vegetables." Good to remember! I usually eat over two cups of romaine when salad is the star of dinner, so I've been doing pretty well.

The website (and the government) recommends a lot more fruit than I think a lot of people I know in the "healthy living" blogosphere would like because a lot of people are trying to reduce the amount of sugar they eat, which I get! I think as long as you have a really nice variety of vegetables in your daily rotation (including lots of colors!), you don't have to rely on fruit all that much. I eat about 1/2 cup of blueberries and an apple everyday. Not the recommended 2 cups, but I don't think I'm suffering. Extra veggies, please :)

I think whatever plan you follow - paleo, primal, high protein, high fat, IIFYM, WW, etc, etc... the basic rule that should be followed in EVERY PLAN: eat simple, eat fresh, focus on the vegetables!! 

Anyway, that is my recipe for success. I eat a variety of things, but make sure vegetables are the highest percentage of foods I eat. I eat fats like oil, nuts and avocado, I eat proteins like eggs, lean meats and cottage cheese, and sprinkle in a good amount of seeds into my day. But veggies are the star. Our fridge is always bursting with them!

Just a little thing I was thinking about when I realized in a comment on Gwen's blog that I no longer ate vegetables at breakfast (I used to eat a veggie egg scramble but now eat blueberries with cottage cheese) and have had to work a little harder to get in more veggies... such as often eating a big salad with protein for dinner!

Have a good Friday, everyone <3


  1. Well, not in the zero carb world. THERE, it is all meat meat meat fat meat. And coupled with the Keto people (very similar), they have lots of research to back them up.

    I could actually go Zero carb pretty easily, based on my appetite preferences. But I'm keeping nuts and veggies in there. Nothing like you do though. I don't eat peas or sweet potatoes of any kind; can't stand them. Only once or twice a year do I eat green beans...I consider them rather 'starchy' / carby. I eat a lot of broccoli, lots of romaine-based salads, and other assorted veggies. But 2 cups a day is probably pushing it. I'm just more into meats, eggs, dairy, nuts. I feel great though. I'd eat more avocado, but so expensive, and so little of it is edible these days.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. The blog ate my comment!

    I basically wrote, I'm eating chia seeds soaked in almond milk plus honey and chopped apples stirred in right now and it tastes awesome. It's my new favorite breakfast :) Also I love kiwi because of all the Vitamin C.

    Happy Friday!

    1. I had chia "pudding" as a snack today! I found a nice (not so rich and calorie dense) coconut milk that I soak them in and mixed them up with some strawberry preserves. Definitely a treat snack compared to my peas and beets, haha. But I love it - chia seeds are GREAT and they are actually pretty high in calcium!!