Monday, August 26, 2013

Wedding Stuff - eating right to battle stress

All of you who have had to plan a large-ish wedding or are in the process of doing it kind of know what I'm feeling right now, right?? Less than two weeks to go, now.

Insanely excited, crazy confused, stressed, overwhelmed with weird details I never thought I'd have to think about, and just plain wanting the day to get here so that I can marry the love of my life!!!

The seating chart is giving me a bunch of headaches. I'm worried the music won't be fun. Or people will be bored. I'm worried I won't look my best, or people will think my dress is ugly. Or that Chris' mom is going to have a freak out. Etc, etc, etc, etc.

The wedding I went to this weekend was super lovely - great venue (outdoor wedding and it was gorgeous weather!), beautiful ceremony with a lot of great touches, and the bride had a KILLER dress - hoop skirt with tons of tulle made by her mother. The only thing that went wrong is that they ran out of food and had to order pizza (whoops!! the groom called the caterers SO MAD).

But our group of friends (the part that went to this wedding) aren't really the romantic sort and didn't really care about all the nice touches. And didn't like the music. And barely danced. It's just one faction of our friend group - others are very different, but seeing people NOT enjoying a wedding makes me so nervous that that is what is going to happen to me!


I know I worry too much about what other people think or how other people feel. Which isn't always a bad trait, but sometimes it is, when it becomes the focus. Close friends keep telling me that I should just do what I want to on my wedding day and not worry about other people -- but my nice times really are affected if my friends aren't having a nice time!

Well, anyway, I just kind of wanted to spew that stress out onto virtual paper - to let you all know how things are going for me. I am, on the whole, just excited to marry Chris. But there is this mid-level constant stress present in my body that is affecting me physically and emotionally.

I went to the local co-op yesterday and filled the fridge with great organic vegetables and meat. Lots of awesome easy, healthy, paleo, CLEAN foods already prepped for my week, like roasted sweet potatoes and homemade guacamole. No excuses for not eating great this week.

I know the right fuel will keep the stress manageable. This article sums up what I want to do perfectly: Eat Right To Fight Stress - Psychology Today (I pulled out some important paragraphs if you don't want to bother with the article):

"Most of us recognize that certain foods have brutal effects on the brain—for productivity, mood and mental energy. Too much chocolate can leave you dragging after the sugar and caffeine jolts fade away. An overdose of salty chips dehydrates the body and the brain, bringing on fatigue. High fat meals raise stress hormone levels and keep them high.

The problem is that these are precisely the foods we reach for at exactly the wrong times, as they exacerbate tension from work and daily life just when we seek relief."

"Participants reported that cutting down or avoiding "food stressors" like sugar (80%), caffeine (79%), alcohol (55%) and chocolate (53%) had the most impact on mental health. So did having more "food supporters" like water (80%), vegetables (78%), fruit (72%) and oil-rich fish (52%)."

"We already know that stress hormones like cortisol actually rob the body of vitamins, hijacking them to support such classic stress responses as the tensing of muscles and the rise of blood pressure, reactions fundamental to the fight-or-flight response.

Thus at times when we're experiencing the nervous-system workout of anxiety, we are in special need of B vitamins, which help maintain our nerves and brain cells. B vitamins also used up in converting food into energy for the body.

It's double whammy for the body if calories consumed during stressful times don't come from nutritious foods, as they'll then be depleted even more quickly. Even a slight vitamin B deficiency—say, from a few days of overloading on chips and soda—upsets the nervous system and compounds stress."

So, I'm here, living life, getting married, dealing with stress and determined to stay healthy through it all :D

It's tough, but I am not going to eat crap to soothe me, I will not even have one alcoholic drink between now and my wedding day, I will focus on strengthening my body and giving myself all the chance in the world to be healthy, fit and happy on my wedding day!!

Namaste, my friends <3

Me SUPER happy during the annual "parade" at Cabinfest a couple weeks ago!!


  1. Glad you are taking a proactive approach!

    NOBODY will know if things aren't "perfect" or going to your set plans or schedule- unless you or others become unglued and freak out and announce it. Just act like it was planned and it will all come and go.

    Good for you for managing stress and keeping a clear mind- you'll remember the good, your family and friends. The store bought stuff, the little details fade, but the people memories stay.

    Take care and stay eating clean. Can't wait to see the photos. :) You look happy.

  2. I got so stressed before my original wedding (another story, another day)...that I ended up getting what the doctor called 'invisible hives.' All the reaction of normal hives, but the rash was almost impossible for anyone to see. When around my entire mid section. He gave me a lose dose prescription of Ativan to help calm me down.

    We women make ourselves SO crazy before the wedding! By the time it arrives, you just want to get it over with and get to the 'happily ever after' part. Which is so sad.

    Who's handling the music? Don't they have a normal wedding range, or at least provide you a list of hundreds of songs for you to pick from? If you are handling it yourself, just google 'best wedding reception dance songs', and work from there. Or go off your iTunes play list. This should not be a stressor.

    And having done this both ways for my 2 daughters weddings, I highly suggest that you drop the reception table assignments, and let your guests be grown ups and chose their own seating. It's not worth the aggrevation to try and get a 'perfect' arrangement, because sure as shit (pardon my Portuguese), people who get there early will end up (a few of them, and it only takes one) to alter to sit with someone else. Or to avoid someone else. Just don't worry about it.

    And remember, NO wedding is perfect. And the thing(s) that go wrong will, in the long run, be the things you laugh about years from now. The incidents that made your wedding special.

    I know all this, because once upon a time I was a wedding coordinator. :)

    Now go have a nice relaxing cup of tea, put on some relaxing music, light a candle, and just chill, my sweet little girl. :)

  3. One way or another, you'll be married to Chris at the end of the wedding day. It's hard not to stress, I get it,but in the long run most people will forget the details. Have fun, do what you want/like and don't stress about the rest!

  4. Excuse me? How do you run out of food at a wedding???? And not for nothing, but all I see when I look at your recent photos is how happy you look! I mean, you are just glowing! :-)

    1. I definitely am trying my best to stay in the moment and enjoy every day - I logically know that these times are limited!!! But, inside, I am a ball of messy stress ahahahahha

  5. There is always something that will go wrong. It gives you stories to tell to your children/friends in the future!! I really cannot even remember what when wrong at mine other than hubby shoving cake so far up my nose I was in the bathroom sneezing for like five minutes. @@ At my sister's I said "Holy Shit" in front of the pastor (haha- before the wedding) MOH (not me!- his sister) was so busy mingling with her boyfriend that they missed doing the speeches/toasts. OH my stepfather forgot to sit down after he gave my sister away also LOL