Saturday, August 3, 2013

My month - eating up the joy!

August is so full of good things (and very few of them centered around food or drink!), I want to record it. I really feel so excited, but I know this time is fleeting - soon I will be married and the honeymoon will be over and life will return to normal (as normal as it gets around here anyway).

But this blog, as my kind of diary, is my best way to bottle these feelings so I can relive them later :)

So this month:

- Bachelorette party (today, yay!)

-Traveling to see Chris where he travels for work - the local coffee shop is throwing his crew a party for being such great patrons while they've been there

- Wedding dress pick up (finally my dress will fit ME and not look like it was meant for some random other person!) with sister in law

- My really, really good friend whom I love's birthday party

- Family bridal shower

- Friend's wedding in the Catskills

- Consultation for wedding tattoos (as of now, I am getting a hawk which is Chris' spirit animal and he is getting a wolf for me - since I am looking so good right now, I might make the leap to get it on my side)

- AND the day I am most looking forward to: Chris is taking off work the day before our favorite (small, friend-run) music festival called Cabinfest and we are going to get our marriage license (!!!), have a special lunch, and then head to the mountains to stay in a cabin a night early - just to be able to leisurely enjoy the day and that awesome weekend

So there are a few parties in there where there will be food, but the focus for me this month is on JOY. I want to eat up all the laughter and the smiles and the conversations and the memories.

It's really amazing, that at a time in my life when I am so sad and stressed and anxious, I am also the happiest I've ever been. I think feeling the loss of my dad has made me feel the joys in life even more, because I finally realize how precious they are.

Namaste, my friends, have a gorgeous weekend!


  1. Such a wonderful time. When IS the wedding? It must be very soon. :)

    1. September 7th!! Getting close -- but far enough away to really be savoring it :D

  2. Congrats!!!
    I like the way you say that focus is on JOY.

  3. I wish you all the best in your new life

  4. So I was sitting on the couch with my husband while reading this and said to him..."you didn't have my spirit animal tattoed on you when we got married!"...and he said "well what is your spirit animal?" and I said "I have no idea!"

    So our question do you find out what your spirit animal is??

    Your month is going to rock by the way! Enjoy ever minute of it!!

    1. Hehehehehe :) For introspective, fantasical, weirdo hippie people like my fiance and me - well, we both already knew our spirit animal before we met. I can't speak for Chris, but the wolf for me - I felt it in my heart and my soul whenever I would see a wolf or learn about wolves or anything. I felt a connection and an empathy unlike ever before (and I LOVE all animals, sometimes more than people, but this was different). Then I met a wolf in person for the first time, and though she was usually skittish and distrustful of people, she walked up to me and let me lay my hand on her muzzle. It felt so right! I wish I had gone into biology or conservation so I could work for these animals all the time - as it is, I use most of my charity budget on wolf protection and study!

      Yeah - I am super crazy :D

    2. I love your story of finding your spirit animal! That is fantastic! And you are not at all crazy ;) I need to figure out what mine is. I'll be on the lookout.