Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Morning Yoga

So, completely against my nature, I have started joining Chris on early morning Tuesday yoga. It is at 6:30 AM, giving me a 6 AM wake up call. Tuesdays are usually my lazy sleep-in days because I have no classes on Tuesdays.

I feel like it is a testament to the mind-change I've had in the past few months that it is now more important to me to get in an hour of activity rather than sleep in. It doesn't hurt that I have an accountability partner in bed next to me! (Running theme: Chris helps keep me strong and focused on this journey)

I could do that hour any other time in the day, but I've realized:

1. It's nice to wake up with Chris and share the morning with him
2. Getting up earlier and getting the workout over with earlier means an extra long day for me
3. A instructor-led yoga course does WONDERS for my body and I feel super-human all day

So that's what's up :)

I've written super long posts the past couple of days, so I won't ramble on this time.

Leaving you with another picture of my inspiration and happiness:

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  1. Oh yesssss! I am SO glad you found my blog and left a comment, so I could find yours! I LOVE HIKING, and seeing other people's hikes makes me so happy!! I would give everything to hike the Adirondacks!