Sunday, March 25, 2012

My fridge!

Thought I might post a picture of my fridge. Just got back from doing a little weekly grocery shopping after hitting the gym with my boyfriend (it so helps to have a partner that is as interested in health and fitness as I am!).

But as a side note: I weighed in at 134.8 today. Now, I am not crazy enough to think that is TOTALLY realistic since I just weighed in last week at 135.8 BUT it was really nice to see. I am sure that will vascillate up and down a little this week (which is why I probably won't weigh myself for a little over a week) but I intend to use this as good motivation to just keep on going. Clean eating, lots of activity, and doing things that make me smile (seeing my horse and dog, bubble baths with candles, and watching Game of Thrones on DVD!)

So coming off the good vibes I got from the weigh-in, I wanted to make a post about my food.

First, here is the picture:

Quick list of what is inside:

Cage free/ Hormone free eggs
Egg whites (so I don't waste the yolk!)
Apple butter
Greek yogurt
Red grapes
Leftovers from last week (organic pasta and veggies)
Roasted beets
Raw beets
Pepper jack cheese
Dill havarti cheese
Multigrain pizza dough from Hannaford (all real ingredients and AMAZING dough)
Shredded cheese (we usually don't have this much cheese in our fridge, haha)
Whole chicken
Local apples
Brussels sprouts
Seeded organic whole grain bread (a treat for us)
A cheaper bread (Sunbeam) but still with only real ingredients from Hannaford
Oat and flax pitas

Freezer (we don't keep a lot of frozen stuff):
One bag frozen veg
Jennie-O Turkey burgers
Lavender and Dill from last years farm basket
Vodka (hahahaha)
Chicken breasts frozen from a big pack

The pantry usually has:
Irish style oatmeal
Organic udon noodles
Wild Rice
Basmati Rice
Sweet potatoes
Black beans
Red kidney beans
Array of canned soups (all natural)
Whole wheat flour
Corn meal
Lara bars

And an extra this week: I made pumpkin muffins that are OUT OF THIS WORLD. I substituted agave nectar for sugar and I freaking LOVE THEM. I almost ate the whole raw batter because it tasted just like pumpkin pie (a weakness). But I prevailed :D

So..... disgustingly healthy, right? I don't know when I became this person!!! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE my food. Love it. I love it so much I don't obsess about it during the day. It just is.

It helps that all of it is real fuel. I use it as fuel. Now, when I DO use it, I want it to taste out of this world amazing. But still: I am learning to treat food as something practical and non-emotional. Big change for both of us in this house compared to even a year ago (much less 5 years ago).

Reading through the list of foods makes it pretty clear what my rules are: whole foods. nothing processed. no empty sugars.

I try to eat a lot of protein, but I don't closely regularate my fat/protein/carb intake. If I notice that my carbs are getting a little out of control, I scale back.

That's the rules!

As I noted before, I try to eat just under 1700 calories a day (so that I am in a deficit of about 200-300 calories even if I don't work out) and for every 200 calories that I burn with exercise, I eat 100 of them back.

So today: I burned between 350 and 400 calories at the gym. So I am adding just under 200 calories extra to my total for the day. I can eat almost 1900 calories (which is a LOT with the foods in my house).

I am down a total of (if you count my weigh in today as real, which I do hope it is) 14 pounds since October. Not too shabby. I am pretty happy :)

Lots of love!

I'll leave you with a cute picture for the day:

My horse is the little one with white hair :)

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  1. Game of Thrones, yaaay! And your horse IS cute. :)

    My fridge/pantry is soooo similar, wish I could eat the carbs more often though. Right now my metabolism doesn't seem to be supporting it. But your activity levels are much much higher. I need to step up my old lady game! 14 pounds since October is stellar. I need to learn to do what you're doing.