Saturday, March 24, 2012

Overdoing it!

So, I was so pumped up over my low weigh in yesterday, I think I had extra energy and oomph and overdid it on the activity!

Total activity for yesterday:
9 miles stationary bike
1 mile elliptical
10 minutes free weights
3 mile dog walk
1 mile walk for the BBQ
5 hours on my feet at the BBQ

To put it in perspective: This was coming off of the previous day's really intense strength workout and 40 minute cardio session and recouping from the 20 mile backpacking trip this past weekend!

My body said: STOP! REST!

My muscles were screaming for it.

So all I did today was a super chill 2 mile nature walk with the dog to this awesome creek with natural pools and waterfalls. Since it was around 60 degrees, I let the dog play in the creek till he exhausted himself.

A couple of pictures of the day:

Pretty sweet, hmm? This is about 20 minutes outside of the city. So it is quick and easy and cheap! Lovely Saturday and a beautiful rest day :)

Also, a side note from yesterday: I did not overdo it at the BBQ! I had 1100 calories saved up because I ate super smart during the day (still got in a good amount of protein and vitamins, too!) so that I could enjoy the BBQ. I ate: one shrimp, a spicy tuna sushi roll (weird BBQ food!), a couple bites of amazing maple beef, a few slices of potato, and 1.5 servings of chips. I know chips are totally garbage and everything, but I wanted to indulge since I had the room to do it. Ended up not going over calories, so success!


I love summer food, but it looks like this season is getting off on the right foot and I am not going to sabotage myself.

Calling for rain tomorrow, so no nature hikes most likely. Probably the gym in the morning before our co-op shopping. We are both students (I am in the PhD program and my boyfriend is finishing up his Master's) so we get 10% off at our local co-op on Sundays. WINNING.

Till next time <3

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