Friday, March 23, 2012


So I weighed myself early this morning: 135.8... new low for me! (well, new since I gained some weight back last year, haha, but still!)

This is a comfortable weight for me. I look good in my clothes, my pants fit, I feel pretty strong.

I celebrated by getting my butt to the gym. Did a few weights and 9 miles on the bike and 1 on the elliptical. (I was watching a True Life on MTV and didn't want to get off the bike!)

I am still aiming for 129, I just want to see if I can do it and what my body will look like with these extra 6 pounds off me. I have never been below 130 in my whole adult life, I probably surpassed that around 13/14, but I never weighed myself then, so I can't be sure.

Even if I never get there (but I hope I do, because I want to reward myself with that tattoo) I am happy with my body right now. I felt proud and smiley at the gym this morning.

Tonight: another BBQ. I think I am officially telling myself no alcohol this time. I had an indulgence this week already. And alcohol CERTAINLY leads me to make decisions I wouldn't have otherwise. Byebye inhibitions :D

I plan to have fun, though! And my gym workout certainly will let me eat a burger if I want it, so that's pretty awesome.

Have a great day, everyone. Peace!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Read through yours. You're a freaking warrior! So great that you are so comfortable in your own skin now. Rock on!

    1. Thanks! I read through a bunch of your blog the other week when I was looking for inspiration... you are tough, I like it!