Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Working on Feeling Beautiful

I've bought several pieces needed for my growing body - maxi skirts with elastic waists, blouse-y tops and new underwear! It's all really pretty and colorful. I'm trying my best to make myself feel beautiful during this time by doing little things for myself, because it definitely is a struggle to feel like my best self as I steadily get bigger and bigger! I haven't weighed myself in over a week, just not interesting :)

But doing things like making sure I have cute clothes or working out (even if it is only for ten minutes because I can't really endure more!) makes me feel good about myself and my body. It helps me overlook the weight gain and remember that I am beautiful in my way, just like everyone is uniquely beautiful. It's up to me to feel it.

I'm doing a lot of positive talk in my mind when I start to get down on the weight gain, many of these things said by my husband when I get down: this weight is beautiful because it is supporting my child, this weight is healthy and normal, this is an amazing time to savor and not to focus on something superficial.

I met with my adviser at school - still planning on getting a draft out before this baby comes! - and he gave me a really lovely compliment. He said that pregnancy really suits me and I look stunning. And he is NOT a bullshitter/empty compliment-er. He just wouldn't say anything if he didn't think so. So that made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Sometimes it is hard to accept compliments from Chris, because he is my husband and always wants me to feel beautiful, even when I look my absolute worst... so it is hard to believe that's he's right ;)

Feeling cute at work today. I got a size up in leggings so that they don't bite into me like the smaller ones, feeling much much much less like a stuffed sausage. Being comfortable helps with feeling beautiful!

Looking forward to my appointment tomorrow to hear the baby's heartbeat. I really want to check in on the little one! 


  1. You are beautiful. I guess I felt differently while pregnant because for once, the belly was life, not fat... I felt like a super hero for being able to make and support life in a body that I felt for sure was dysfunctional after years of being obese. Be proud of your body and the amazing thing it is doing. Glad you got some comfortable clothes! You look cute! And yeah I can testify that in one felt swoop, when you give birth, atleast 20lbs goes...ha! The days are long but the years are short....this phase will be such a short blip when you look back on it.

  2. You are beautiful, Jeanette! Being pregnant is so interesting, and so different for each person, and even between each pregnancy. It's important to feel beautiful - and I hear you on the husband compliments. I struggle with that even now, as I've lost weight. I see the sagging skin, hubby thinks I'm beautiful. I have a tough time believing him, but at the same time don't want to dismiss him. When i was pregnant, I remember not feeling pretty, but I was able to just focus on growing my babies. And strangely for me, my cravings were all about fresh fruit and veggies (with a few canned peaches, that had to be chilled first :) hang in there...and keep up the positive self-talk! Enjoy the heartbeat -such an awesome sound! Personally, I loved feeling my babies kick, and will still get little twinges that remind me of the kicking. Take care!

  3. You look gorgeous, Jeanette. I'm so glad that you're doing things that make you feel comfortable and beautiful!

    Take care,


  4. Great positive attitude :) You look lovely!