Saturday, June 13, 2015

Berry Picking, Healthy Day After Treats Last Night!

I indulged!

I've been wanting French fries so badly, for so long, I finally went to a neighborhood tavern and got some- along with a red pepper/pesto chicken sandwich for dinner last night. This place has pretty reasonable portions and I purposely didn't finish the sandwich or fries- small win :)

I had that treat after several days of eating really well - mostly fruits and veggies, yogurt, meat and just a little bit of grains (either a serving of bread or rice a day).

But, because of that treat, I was looking forward to a healthier day today! It's important for me not to get into indulgence/treat/junk food mode for more than one meal once or twice a week.

This morning, I had gluten free cereal, flax milk and half a banana before heading out early for berry picking. It's a gorgeous day (it's 1 PM now and I am taking a rest at home, a busy day tuckered me out already!) and we had fun - picked 12 lbs of berries in 30 minutes! The farm is beautiful and the people are nice, so it was an overall enjoyable experience:

We took them home and got them washed, cut and ready to freeze:

Then we spent the next several hours walking the dog and doing yard work (my huge dogwood and forsythia needed serious trimming, so I spent most my time on that, we also did mulching and some other random stuff).

Lunch wasn't paleo (like breakfast wasn't) but I'm making better and healthier choices every meal:

I had a garden burger with cheddar in a lettuce bun. Very satisfied and eager to perhaps catch a midday nap :)

I'm going on a small hike with friends tomorrow and then shopping for a friends bridal shower that I'm helping to throw. Should also be a nice day.

Namaste <3


  1. Those berries look delicious ... and I love burgers in a salad / lettuce wrap too

    Enjoy your weekend

    All the best Jan

  2. You don't seem to eat any extra calories for your baby? And you seem proud of restricting your caloric intake.

    1. They ask you to up your calorie intake by 300 a day when pregnant - and though I don't count calories, I know I'm definitely eating at LEAST that much more per day. Trust me, there is nothing about my diet for the past 4.5 months that would indicate restriction (as evidenced by my weight gain and my doctor being pleased with my weight)

    2. (Jeanette - I think you should consider not allowing anonymous comments. Good boundary.)

  3. The berries look delish. If you feel good and are not binge eating- then it's all "Healthy". I've started recognizing the word "Healthy" as more of a marketing ploy.

    Onward and enjoy those berries.

  4. You are eating good and nutritious food...I really struggled with that while I was pregnant so I think you are doing great!