Monday, June 8, 2015

First Pregnancy Fears!

I went to another BBQ yesterday - this one was to celebrate a friend's pregnancy (she's due end of July!) - and ate a lot more normally! Although I was full and didn't need a regular dinner afterwards :) But I didn't come away feeling kind of sick about how much I ate. Definitely reining in those binging behaviors.

So I actually had a little scare Saturday that ended up with me in the ER, scared something was wrong with my pregnancy. I had a tough Saturday - we went on a hike and it was a gorgeous day, but it was also kind of a overall stressful day (I am not sleeping well, the dog was acting up, I am just insanely emotional). I didn't go on the second half of the hike and rested while Chris and Koda finished their hike - turned out to be a good decision! When we got home, I took a nap. When I woke up, I had a huge cramp and then my stomach felt really tight and firm to the touch.

I rationally thought everything was fine, but I had never felt anything like it and I got it into my head that something went wrong - and I started to panic, big time. So Chris and I thought it would just be best to go to the ER and get checked out. Luckily, we have amazing insurance AND a terrific hospital a mile from our house with no wait times in the ER. They got me in and within 20 minutes, we heard the baby's heartbeat and a midwife came and checked out my belly and said everything was fine.

After some discussion, turns out that a combination of not drinking enough water (being a little dehydrated) and the hike, I probably aggravated the ligaments and muscles in my pelvic area that are already stretching and ripping. That leads to pain and tightness, etc. I technically KNEW about the ligaments being loose and pulling, but I didn't know it would quite feel like THAT. I got pretty worked up and am glad I just went to the ER instead of letting myself stay stressed out all night.

Everyone was super kind and told me I wasn't stupid for coming in - I felt really silly for making a fuss over nothing. Nurses talked to me about the first time pregnancy worries many women have and recommended some things (like joining a local pregnancy group) to lighten up my fears and worries.

I am taking it even easier than before, if possible! My midsection is quite sore, especially when I have to engage my core in any way (even just sitting up in bed).

So I will leave you with some pictures from the hike (the river picture is where I sat and relaxed and ate lunch while Chris finished the hike - I was glad I listened to my body and didn't keep going on when I didn't feel quite right!):

And my local goose family <3


  1. Hey! Better to be safe than sorry. At least now you know what that discomfort/pain is the next time you feel it, right? xoxo

  2. Glad to hear all is well. What a great place to enjoy a peaceful lunch.

  3. We did planting/gardening in my first pregnancy and I had that same thing happen. Very scary. Good you just got checked instead of being scared.

    I would be REALLY careful about pregnancy groups. They can be one scary/bad story after another if not lead well. And people can give really bad advice (without knowing they are). Breastfeeding is a good example. Some common advice will lead to low milk supply (supply equals demand with breastfeeding, pacifiers and bottles in the beginning decrease milk production because they reduce the amount of sucking the baby does at the breast). Etc.

    I strongly encourage you to research parenting styles of the people in groups before you join.

  4. Glad to hear all was / is ok. It's always best to check.

    Love your photo's.

    All the best Jan