Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What's Going On:

Sorry for not updating more - but as I said in a previous post, I am just plain ol' tired AND have only the most repetitive of thoughts to share (you know - I'm hungry, I'm eating an insane amount, I'm tired, I'm a mess!) :) I have been keeping up on others blogs, though, and I definitely miss participating. But I choose sleep a lot. It is the most precious thing to me right now!

So this weekend I dog-sat for some friends, which worked out perfectly. Chris was refinishing our hardwood floors over the weekend, so me and the dog had to vamoose! I originally was going to sleep over at a friend's house and board Koda. Instead, my friend gave me some cash to watch HIS dogs AND I got to bring Koda. No expenditures for me. I'm always amazed when things fall into place so easily and perfectly!

It was fun to be with the dogs in the country all weekend - the other dogs are a Newfoundland and a beagle. The beagle and Koda slept in bed with me :) Koda got along really well with the dogs, too, which surprised me. Well, the Newfie got kind of irritated at him after Koda dropped his stick on her for the 100th time and she barked at him. He didn't even notice and went on playing. He doesn't get dog manners really well, haha. But he's sweet.

Still waiting to hear on the promotion. Word around the office is that it probably isn't going to happen for anyone in my department. But we will see!

Also still anxiously awaiting my doctor's appointment on Thursday! I want to hear my baby's heartbeat so badly. Also want to find out about the cystic fibrosis test, gah.

I'm trying to get back into exercise, but I get winded pretty fast. I'm TIRED, like crazy. Also putting on several pounds quite fast and all the hormones feel like they are messing with me. I do about 5 minutes here and there of yoga or something else light. Walking is my main form of activity right now!

That's it for me - will check in if I have updates or anything thoughtful to share :)

Namaste <3


  1. Walking is a perfect activity. Listen to your body; it's telling you what it needs to create your babe. Rest and energy from food seem to be what it needs at the moment. Just go with it ;) This 10 months will be over before you know it. Can't wait to hear about how your Thursday appointment goes. Take care Jeanette!

  2. Walking is perfect..but don't stress your body - just remember if you are overdoing it - the baby is adversely affected...gentle, easy

  3. Sleeping, eating well will take you 90% of the way. I remember being able to walk more during different parts of pregnancy. I also remember sleeping for 2-3 hour naps on the weekend. Good luck and thinking good thoughts for your Thursday appointment. Remember, if you are feeling crappy, the baby is doing its normal growth thing.

  4. Walking is great! Keep getting your rest and taking care of you and everything else will come together. Hugs!


  5. Glad to hear you're doing well. Take care!

  6. How did your Doctor's visit go? I'm looking forward to your news and I hope it's all good!!!