Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Treat and a Healthy Dinner

We celebrated Mother's Day over the weekend with Chris' mom (who has done nothing but treat me like a part of the family from day one, I feel lucky to have such a great MIL!) in the Adirondacks. Activities included: hanging out and chatting on the porch, bringing Koda to the lake to swim (twice), Chris and Koda going on a small hike, and going out to a lovely dinner (I opted for a garden salad appetizer and roast chicken with veggie dinner... and got vanilla custard for dessert ;) ). It was a great visit!

But we also had a little celebration of our own, because we are excited about being parents this year!

We did a LOT of housework, but also spent some time at our local Tulip Festival (which wasn't as great as I expected, haha) and going out for soft serve ice cream after lunch. I've been dreaming about soft serve for over a month, it was a great itch to scratch.

We had a really healthy dinner to compensate for the treat - baked cod with Brussels sprouts and corn on the cob! It was really summery and delicious. I struggled after a few bites of the sprouts, though, and almost gagged. Not quite ready for all vegetables yet, haha!

Peas and carrots are easy veggies for me to get down, and I am still making smoothies absolutely packed with spinach, so I am getting in those micronutrients.

I'm making better choices, food-wise, every week. I am able to stomach more and more of my old diet as time goes on. I am still relying on some grain products throughout the day when my stomach just can't be settled, but I feel pleased with my food currently!

Finding more of a balance between what my body wants vs. needs and what is good for me!

Hope everyone has a great week - it's quite hot here, upper 80s, but should cool down to low 70s by the end of the week (I wasn't ready for spring-like weather to leave and summer to arrive just yet!).


  1. I got better around week 16. All nausea went away after weeks 9-15 being progressively worse. Just the fact that you are eating as few processed foods as possible- that's key. I was heavily on the WW points train and eating junk when I did eat processed foods while pregnant.

    Better late than never. Hang in there and keep eating real foods. That will make so much difference in your and the baby's outcomes. Bravo.

  2. You sound like you're really enjoying your pregnancy and practicing balance as well! I'm already predicting brothers or sisters for your little one ;)

  3. Sounds a lovely weekend ... do hope this week is a good one for you.

    All the best Jan