Friday, March 6, 2015

Charity Hike and Injured Knee

We are heading to the mountains tomorrow. There is a charity hike that we are participating in - the group tries to get one person on every Adirondack High Peak (there are 46 of them) on the same day, and all the hikers donate/raise money for the organization that does a lot of volunteer work for trail maintenance and things like that. Chris signed us up for Mt. Marcy - the tallest mountain in New York.


I decided to do it with him, because I haven't gotten out much in January/February because of the absolutely frigid temps (usually negatives in the mountains) and Saturday, while there will probably not be any views, is at least going to stay in the positive temps, even on the summit (a blistering 7 degrees forecasted for the summit!).

However, last night I tripped over - well, basically slammed into - the baby gate we have at the bottom of our stairs (we keep the gate up to make sure the dog stays downstairs... we like for the cat to have a place he can completely relax upstairs AND I like to have at least a little bit of my house not completely covered in dog hair!).

There was some significant blunt trauma to the bottom of my knee, right under the cap. I iced it in the evening and it is a little better than after the initial accident, but I am going to have to wait and see how it feels tomorrow morning before deciding if I am capable of hiking. I am not taking my usual walks on my work breaks today to rest the knee, not aggravate it any further. It is just a touch swollen/hot.


I really hope I can hike with Chris tomorrow! I want to participate in the charity activity and just spend some time in the woods. It's been too long.

I'm a little mad at myself, it was totally my inattention and thoughtlessness that caused me to fall like that. I don't fall a lot, I try to be mindful. But, accidents happen.

So I will update you on if I get in the hike or not. I could really use a nice, big physical activity in my life (still hovering between 125-127 on any given day) to shake things up a little. It would also be really lame to sit in the hotel all day while Chris and Koda did the hike. Lonely and lame!

I'll try to enjoy the weekend, whatever happens, but will hope for the best!

I hope everyone else has a good weekend <3


  1. Now see, lonely and lame at a nice hotel would be better than lonely and lame at home alone. ;)

    Hope it recovers enough for you to have a nice weekend, and please do not push it, and risk further damage. :)

  2. I've found that a couple days or even one of longer exercise than usual really can tip things. If you do the same type of exercise every day your body gets adapted to it and you will not burn as many calories as you did. That's why I think cross training and getting in longer or more intense workouts is helpful. I see people at the gym doing the same thirty minutes on the elliptical and sitting the rest of the day. of course that's better than nothing but their bodies have become so efficient that they are only burning a fraction of the calories they think they are. I hope you get to go on your hike.

  3. I hope the hike goes well! :-)

  4. I hope the hike goes well but do not push your injury too much ......

    Take Care and hear from you soon

    All the best Jan