Thursday, March 5, 2015

Birthday Day

Well, it's my birthday - 33.

I turned 30 graciously, no crisis to be seen!

Every year past 30, I start to cringe a little. I don't think it's really because I fear aging, but because I am not where I saw myself being at this age. I want security, I want children, I want to be done with school.

Alas - acceptance is something I always have to work on. I got myself here and it isn't going to change over night. I'm working on ALL of those things I mentioned above, so hopefully by next year, I will be much closer to my goals (or have achieved them!).

I went to TV night last night to watch Survivor with my friends - got treated to some coconut milk ice cream and macaroons! Chris made sure my treats were paleo-friendly :) I also ate some strawberries and vegetable chips. I've been really, really, really spot-on with my food for over a month now, so I felt no guilt in eating some extra calories than I normally would.


I am not sure if it was the excess sugar or the fact that I snacked late at night (9 PM... I usually don't eat after 7 PM), but I woke up around 4 AM in a feverish sweat with waves of nausea! It took about a half hour to get my body temps back to normal and to relax enough to fall back asleep (till 5:55, which is when I wake up, haha).

I think I have been eating so clean and so right for my body, that it was a little shocked by the change. Yikes. I didn't weigh in this morning because I figured I can give myself a break - especially since I already know my body didn't really like what had happened the day before. No need to drive home the point :)

But, anyway, I had a GREAT night with my friends - I belly laughed in a way I haven't done in a long time. My sides hurt when I got home :)

Chris treated me to a few cute presents this morning (I always ask him not to spend too much money on me, the peace of mind of having bills paid is much more of a gift to me than any other material thing!).

So, it's not a crazy big birthday celebration, and I am not exactly at peace with the passage of time right now, haha, but I had a really nice day yesterday and expect to have another one today. There's not much more I can ask!

Namaste, my friends.


  1. Happy Birthday! I turn 34 this year and despite having achieved some of those you list off, I still feel like my time is wasting away.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Glad it's been a super day. Here's to many more fabulous days.

  3. A fever though? I dunno....hope it doesn't spike this afternoon/early evening, as fevers usually do.

    In any case, happy birthday, sweet girl! I don't even REMEMBER 33. LOL

  4. Happy Birthday and many more!! I find sugar to be pretty inflammatory. Here's to living a low inflammation life.

  5. Happy Birthday Wishes .......

    All the best Jan

  6. Happy Birthdays! I was the opposite, turning 30 was a hard one. It gets easier every year past it. However, not sure how I'll feel the closer I get to 40!

  7. Happy Birthday! Glad you had a great day :)

  8. Happy (belated) Birthday! Sounds like a great day with people you care about and who care about you :)

  9. Opps... I missed your birthday. Happy Birthday anyway - 30 is young... next year I turn 60 now that's a utter bloody shock!!! I'm with you on small presents and having the bills paid, very wise. There will be plenty of time in your life for spending up when you are financially better off.