Monday, March 30, 2015

Back on the Grid

It was super nice to take a long break from everything this weekend - being completely unplugged is really awesome :)

Also, it was nice to come back to so many really nice messages. I just wanted to thank everyone who reached out to me, it really brightened my day. And that's a really powerful thing. I was talking a few days ago about being confused by the fact that, when it is easiest to do nothing, people put their energies into causing suffering. Well, you all make me smile, because, when you could have done nothing, you reached out and made me smile. It's a lovely thing to be reminded that people are pretty great :)

I didn't have the most restful weekend, though, because I am such a light sleeper and sharing a cabin with a dozen people is hard for me. So definitely did not get a full night's sleep either night. Definite trade off! I'm working overtime again this week, so I am kind of exhausted this morning. Will be getting to bed super early tonight.

The mountains were still in full on winter, despite that fact that it is supposed to be spring! We actually couldn't drive our cars up the long, long, long driveway to the cabin. All the cars got stuck within 50 feet. We had to abandon them and trek up the driveway with all our stuff in deep snow! Crazy. I didn't leave the cabin at ALL on Saturday because of the cold and snow, only got in 2000 steps, and don't regret a moment of it, haha.

I did get out on Sunday, despite it being 5 degrees out, and took a little hike with Koda. The whole group also went on a walk down the road to a local Maple Fest at a neighbor's farm. That was really neat, being able to see how the maple syrup is made, and we scored a nice pint of tasty maple syrup for a reasonable price! With all that walking, plus errands after we got home, I got up to 13,000 steps.

Some pictures from the weekend, leaving out most, because I don't want to put my friend's pictures out there:

Koda and Chris out in the snow

A pretty brook during one of Sunday's walks

The Sugar Shack, where the maple syrup gets made

Alright, just wanted to check. I'm pretty tired today, but I hope to have more of substance for you guys later this week!

Namaste <3


  1. I'm glad you had a great weekend - I'm like you, I'd find it hard to sleep with loads of people too... I like peace and quiet to get to sleep!

    Yum, maple syrup! Now that's a treat especially buying it from where it's made.

  2. Loved the pictures! Glad you got to unplug for a bit, we all need to try that sometimes!