Monday, September 30, 2013

How I am maintaining

Weigh in is still spot on - 120.6. It's been well over a month since I have maintained at 120 (+/- a pound)!

I, still, sometimes am amazed that I am maintaining my weight. But then I look at my behaviors, and I have to give myself props for doing what I know is right.

Top things that help me maintain weight:

- getting enough sleep

- learning to deal with stress in a healthy manner

- weighing in at least semi-daily

- avoiding processed junk food

- my daily cup of coffee (won't pretend that little caffeine boost doesn't help me get and stay active!)

- drinking that cup of coffee around 11 AM/Noon (I have energy when I wake up after a good night of sleep, but need a boost in the middle of the day)

- yoga/stretching

- daily walks

- having a dog (note: daily walks above, haha)

- stocking the house with fresh, clean, whole foods (no excuses!)

- drinking around 6 - 8 cups of water a day

- making sure I get lots of veggies and fruit every day

- sweet potatoes!! (my super food I eat every day, fills me up, keeps me energized)

- daily vitamins

- limiting alcohol to once a week (making sure my metabolism can deal with the alcohol and not get all screwed up... give my body time to heal)

- letting myself choose an indulgence once in a while (I had half of Chris' fries on Saturday night ^.^) and not feeling guilty about it... and not letting those indulgences roll over into the next meal.

But... the biggest thing? I think it is the time I put in to creating good habits (like waking up after a good night of sleep, taking my vitamins, drinking a big cup of water and taking the dog on a walk.... all of a sudden, in the first hour of my day, I've taken a lot of steps to ensuring good health!)

I won't tell other people that have to have my habits to lose weight or maintain their weight... but I think they do have to have had put in the time of figuring how what habits work for them in their life and put in the time to making them REAL habits (it takes a while of being kind of hard on yourself and forcing yourself to do these things to make them second nature).

It has to be a part of normal life, not an annoying diet.

Namaste <3

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  1. You're right. About all of it. I may have to print this out as my daily checklist. Thank you!