Thursday, September 26, 2013

Eating cake, Weighing in, Planning another hike

I had quite the off plan night last night at my friend's birthday. I also had an amazingly fun time and am feeling pretty happy today :)

Weighed in at 120.8, despite drinking pumpkin beers and eating birthday cake and cheese!

Back to normalcy today - drinking lots of water this morning, clean and paleo food, and dog-walking/yoga. Not letting the cheats steamroll me into more off-plan behavior today. I had three drinks last night, so that's the only day I'll be drinking this week, which is fine by me. I had enough fun last night to last me the week, haha :)

We have plans to wake up at 4 AM Saturday morning to meet Chris' dad for a High Peaks hike, so I obviously won't be partying hard on Friday OR Saturday - it will, by necessity, be a weekend focused on good sleep, eating well, staying hydrated and hiking. I think that's why I let myself let go a little bit last night...

Something to know about me: I LOVE, love, love, love being social. I love my friends. I love getting super silly and laughing all night with them. It's my absolute favorite thing to do in the whole world. Making relationships, making memories, creating bonds - it's the most important to me :)

So, I also love to fully throw myself into a social gathering, and I easily get caught up in the flow of the group. So, for me, I think I am doing a good job at balance and only drinking/eating with my friends once a week. It's tough to know when to draw the line. But this is something, for my life's pleasure (and pleasure IS important to me), that I don't think I will be changing any time soon.

Well, maybe next year.... Chris and I are going to consider children next year, so when that becomes an option, I will obviously scale down hard. But till that time comes, I am going to fully rage this life :)

I'm not a perfect role model for clean eating and paleo. But I am making it work in this life I live. I'm STILL 120 pounds (I am over the moon happy about this), putting 90ish% clean and whole foods into my body, being active with my husband and dog, and still reveling in all the joys life has to offer.


  1. Gatherings are the worst because food is everywhere usually. I had this problem the other night at a BBQ. The chips & dip get me every time!

  2. Jeanette, I think your 90+% clean eating is working out greatly and you are a fine example on how to balance food and life. Enjoy your life and have fun on your next hike.