Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Last minute things...

No baby yet! :)

I am so grateful that I do not have this dissertation to work on right now, this last week or so of being pregnant. I have incredible amounts of free time, especially because I'm not doing too much else due to how hugely pregnant I am, haha! I am resting a lot, enjoying my time alone with Chris, getting things ready for the baby, and just relaxing.

Chris and I are indulging our whims - going out for breakfast and dinner over the weekend, enjoying it just being easy right now. I'm also so, so, so hungry lately... I'll eat a full meal and feel quite hungry an hour later! I am making the effort to eat nutritious things, though, and not give in to the sugar addiction so that baby and I are as strong as possible for the upcoming birth!

Due date in 5 days - I wonder when this will all happen! Starting tomorrow I'm going to start amping up my walks (I've been doing more like 7000 steps a day lately) and eating spicy food, all those "this might not actually work to start labor, but it isn't going to hurt you" old wives' tales! Definitely no herbs or castor oil or anything (which I think just makes your bowels go crazy rather than starts labor- yuck).

I want to meet my little one :) 

In the mean time, I am really enjoying this quiet time. I'm feeling really rejuvenated (though still pretty tired - sleep has been hard).

I'll keep you updated!

Typical me this past weekend - pillows and kitty cuddles :)


  1. Exciting times! Get all the rest you can right now:-)

  2. Sleep IS so hard while pregnant!! Just wait, very soon you will be able to sleep on your stomach again! Sleep will be hard- but in a different way. :) At least then you can drink coffee. ;)

  3. Best luck to you and Chris! You look healthy and relaxed and ready :)

  4. I was wondering about you, so glad you posted.

    (Castor oil can indeed start labor, absolutely do NOT do it. It can be too fast and women end up delivering, unplanned, at home or in car.)

    I walked myself into labor with one of my girls. I shoveled snow into labor with another. Both were very over due. I was threatening a snow mobile or trampoline both times.

  5. Such a special time for you ...

    All the best Jan