Friday, April 10, 2015

The Dr. Said It's Normal :)

So I know everyone has been telling me to chill, basically, about the weight gain these past two months. But I guess I needed to hear it from my doctor!

They weighed me in at 131, so up 5 pounds from my last visit there in January. Not actually that crazy. I expressed my concern that I've put on 5 pounds (and eaten 17,500 calories more than I needed to get there, haha!) when I had heard that you weren't really supposed to be gaining weight at this point.

She just laughed at me, nicely, and said that it was fine. That they want me to eat AND to gain weight, especially since I started out a little smaller. I have monthly appointments with the OBGYN and she said SHE would let me know if I was gaining too much, and that I shouldn't worry about it.

I was also talking to a female relative of mine, who was quite small when she got pregnant, and she experienced the same thing I am - 5-10 pounds of weight gain in the first trimester. But then it evened out for her and slowed down in the second trimester (especially when she started feeling better/less fatigued).

So I am going to chill a little :)

I still have my self-image problems, but I just push the most important things to the front of my mind: the health of my body to protect the little life I'm making! That can get me over feeling down about a little extra weight any time.

I expressed to the doctor that I was having a hard time getting down vegetables, and really only grains and fruit were appealing to me. She told me to focus on protein right now, to even out my blood sugar highs and lows. I've been having a hard time with meat lately - she suggested eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, yogurts, and peanut butter. I eat everything except cheese and peanut butter on the regular - but will focus on eating those more when I feel a blood sugar crash coming on. Also just looking for bland, simple foods with at least SOME nutrition to tide me over. Spices and strong smells really turn me off!

This weekend is going to be fun: I have my brother's engagement party (it's at a nice pizzeria and I am going to eat pizza for sure!) and the Game of Thrones premiere which we always have a big party for at a friend's house. Looking forward to it all - if I can manage to stay awake, that is. I'm wanting to hit the hay right now and it is only lunch hour :)

So that's where I am. Can't stop thinking about the silly looking thing I saw on ultrasound yesterday, with it's little arm nubs and big head, and loving it like crazy!



  1. I've been absent so am just getting caught up. Congratulations!!! i'm so happy for you!

  2. SO excited for GOT on Sunday...can't wait! Enjoy the weekend, and relax!

  3. "Can't stop thinking about the silly looking thing I saw on ultrasound yesterday, with it's little arm nubs and big head, and loving it like crazy!"

    Special times - have a lovely weekend

    All the best Jan

  4. Always, always check in with a trusted medical professional- IMO. Us internet randoms may be helpful or NOT, so check with someone who knows your health history.

    Also, you KNOW that the calories in calories out model is not valid. So no, you haven't consumed 17,000 + calories. There are somewhere between 70-100 different hormonal reactions during pregnancy and 1 year post. Your body is not your own. Yes pick the least processed foods you can. Boom. There you go!

    Connecting with other Moms who were 10 years older and who could provide sound, current advice was key during my prego year. Also connecting to new moms also helped. Here's to doing that.

    I was pregnant when Madonna was pregnant with Rocco in 2000. I saw a photo of her in a bikini right before she gave birth. It made me feel normal. Look at Maddona now, look at all mom's of normal weight now. It will come off, you'll feel like yourself, in the new normal. I have a different shape now, but still like-able. Here's to surfing the dynamic changes life brings.

  5. Perhaps keep in touch with your therapist during the weight gain. prudent.

  6. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to read about your months ahead! The only cool thing about not being able to have more of my own kids is watching other people celebrate their pregnancies. I love that. Makes it easier to kind of peek into that deep love, you know? My Cole jokes that I already have one perfect child---so why should I want more anyway? LOL!