Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Quick Check In

Not wanting to bore you with the same old stuff, but wanting to check in and let you know things are going well.

Haven't been weighing myself, as I feel like utter crap, but will get weighed at the doctor tomorrow. My blood sugar is impossible to keep level - I'm having huge crashes throughout the day. I even woke up, bolt-awake, in the middle of the night due to a blood sugar crash (reminiscent of when I would drink too much sugary alcohol and try to sleep).

Still trying to make good choices. Meat is starting to gross me out. I ate some last night and felt ill for a half hour. I actually think it was the spices, so we are going to start making some plain meat for me. I am really looking for bland, bland, bland food right now. It feels like my stomach has an over-abundance of acid. Eating eggs every day and I just added in oatmeal (the oatmeal felt like HEAVEN when I ate it, and kept my blood sugars even for quite a while).

Definitely have to resist the sugar cravings, though. I ate a sugary chocolate treat last night (not my usual nice dark chocolate) and I think that is what caused me to have a severe blood sugar drop in the middle of the night.

Working on it :) Mostly just trying to distract myself from my appointment tomorrow - I am constantly cycling through all the good and bad outcomes and exhausting my mind. Distraction is all I have right now!

That's all for now... will update you tomorrow or the next day how things go <3


  1. Suggestion - stir protein powder into your oatmeal, will help balance out the ratio and hold you steady longer. I would suggest plain protein powder since you are sensative to tastes now.

    I made myself sick(er) for an entire pregnancy because I did not understand about the blood sugar thing. I ate what I craved. My mind used "but I am pregnant" to make poor(er) choices, even though they were food and not junk. Juice was one of my pitfalls. I think I still would have had issues with that pregnancy. But I could have stabilized myself a lot more if I had understood.

    Is the ultrasound thing universal now as you describe to see if pregnancy is viable? That concept is foreign to me. I had ultrasounds with my first two, but both for specific reasons. I used a GP with all three, not an OB, so that (and many years) may be the difference. I can see that ultrasound would cause a lot of rumination. It would in me too. Distraction sounds like a good idea as long as it is smart choices.

    1. The 8-10 week ultrasound is pretty standard to determine due date... And I've had too many real life and online stories about discovering the pregnancy wasn't viable (blighted ovum, etc) at this appointment-- then comes a 3-4 month ultrasound, where I've heard stories that there is no heartbeat. Ugh. I'm just a worrier!

    2. I am a worrier too. Fear = Anxiety.

      One thing I have learned to do, which really helps, is when I start having those thoughts, I immediately recite something in my head. It could be a phrase, a poem, counting, words in alphabetical order/a task.

      I personally use Hail Mary prayer because it is mindless, calming to me. This habit is now so ingrained that I do not even have to think - you are rumminating, change your thoughts. Instead I find myself doing Hail Mary in my head and realize that I must have felt anxious.

      My therapist had suggested this technique. Very helpful. I started with concept of a phrase, but I needed something longer.

      I also found
      Jill Bolte Taylor's My Stroke of Insight
      really helpful.

      I avoid self help books. This is the story of Jill retraining her brain after massive stroke. So it is very different. And my therapist had suggested it too.

  2. Hey lady - worry accomplishes absolutely NOTHING! Stop it. (Said with love.) ok? :-)