Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Though I'm not where I used to be in terms of diet and exercise, I'm being consistent with what I am capable of right now. Getting out for at least a short walk every day, tracking my food daily, making a concerted effort to eat my veggies and staying hydrated.

My steps are getting there (the cold weather is tough - some days I bring Hunter to a store to walk around), but I'll admit to just plain old being exhausted some days. But I am getting something done every day, even if it's just a little, and that's a big step!

My meals are staying consistent too - having my three meals a day, like I described in my previous blog post, and a snack or two as well.

Had haddock on corn tortillas with a side of roasted beets and roasted Brussels sprouts yesterday for dinner. Tonight I am having butternut squash soup with peas, and a black bean burger.

Staying consistent with getting vegetables back into my diet has been really big. Even though I've added grains back to my diet, I am aiming for vegetables to make up the majority of my carbohydrates! They just have a lot more nutrition and fill me up a lot better.

So even though my weight isn't dropping consistently, I'm going to stay consistent with my behaviors. I know that breast-feeding may mean that I'm not going to drop any significant amount of weight until I'm done breast-feeding, but setting up these healthy habits for me, to be a better example for Hunter, to be a healthier mom, is important.


  1. You're inspiring me when/if I ever go down this motherhood road!

    Still in <3 with Hunter's bear hoodie lol. You two are the sweetest.

    When do you go back to work? Do you already have childcare set up for him? Just curious. Have a happy Thursday :)

    1. I go back on February 15, but my husband is taking a month off, so we are still deciding which daycare provider to go with.

  2. You're doing well.
    Just love what Hunter's wearing - he looks so cute.

    All the best Jan

  3. Hi! As a mom to a 2-year-old, I will say that it gets easier! Hunter will start to sleep in longer chunks which means you'll start sleeping more and feeling better too, and slowly but surely you can keep bringing back the good habits. I wish I had done that gradually like you are! For me, personally, I lost the majority of my baby weight while breastfeeding. It really does burn a lot of calories, so I also did need/want to eat more, and I wasn't really trying to be super healthy or anything, just balanced. Eventually my body kind of found its balance at around 10 lbs higher than my pre-pregnancy weight which I was fine with at the time. When I stopped breastfeeding, I found it more difficult because I was used to eating larger portions, so I gained a bit, then got back on track after a while, then got pregnant again! And now I'm looking in the mirror like oh lord I don't want to keep gaining weight for another 3 months...haha, anyway, sorry for being so long winded, what I really wanted to say is that I think you're doing great, to keep taking care of yourself (you'll always be thinking about caring for Hunter, but don't forget yourself!), and not to rush the process!